The Line of Livana

Posted on June 18, 2007 by J. Shaw

Livana OF SYLS

Livana was the youngest of the four. She married the mighty, pureborne vampire, Kalle. Together they created and ruled the Island of Tey, the most beautiful island in the universe and founded the City of Tey. They lived in a giant castle overlooking the lovely city. The island was a virtual tropical paradise and was called by travelers the "Eden of Modern Times".

Livana and Kalle had 5 pureborne vampire children: Fidelis, Tynan, Marek, Nonna, and Edana.

Fidelis, Son of Livana

Became one of the great kings of the infamous Atlantis. He married a young halflien maiden, Maia, who was one of the seven daughters of Atlas, creator of Atlantis. They had four children: Tenerus, Azar, Esterp, and Evadne.

Tenerus, Son of Fidelis of the Line of Livana
Joined his aunt, Choro, in living with the Bird People. He married a Bird Woman, Ximena.

They had four beautiful children everyone called 'The Dark Angels' because of their vampire teeth, pale skin, dark hair, and beautiful wings. These children began the Line of Tenerus neé Livana.

Azar, Son of Fidelis of the Line of Livana
Ascended into the ocean depths and met with his aunt, Noelani, the Siren. He was so taken at her beauty and she at his, that they became lovers. When she became pregnant, Azar returned to his home sky city of Enos.

Sirens rarely like men around when raising their young. Noelani gave birth to the first Merbird, a male she named Brendin. Brendin lived half of his growing years with his mother, learning to swim and survive in the waters. He spent the other half with his father, learning to fly and survive in the skies.

Esterp, Son of Fidelis of the Line of Livana
Descended to the Underworld – the first of the Bird People to ever do so. He fell in love with a female demon, Neoma, whom he married.

Neoma gave Esterp three children, all of which were the first demons to ever have wings. It is said the species of bat comes from the children of Esterp and Neoma. These children were: Kazimir, Rafe, and Zeva..

Evadne, Daughter of Fidelis of the Line of Livana
Fell in love with a wicked sprite, Cnut. After impregnating her, he vanished back to the Otherworld. Evadne was heartbroken. She gave birth to triplets; three wicked vampire sprites - Nip, Zinth, and Iyls - that also left their mother early on to live in the Otherworld with their father.

It is said Evadne never spoke again. She went to live in her uncle, Marek's, monastery and lived in her silence the rest of her days. Her children began the Line of Evadne neé Livana.

Tynan, Son of Livana

Founded the Sect of Iniquity, which practiced the black arts of necromancy.

He married a dark priestess of the Sumerian tribe, Oryn. They had three children, all halfire, Petyr, Lys, and Aurea.

Petyr, Son of Tynan of the Line of Livana
Grew up practicing the black arts with his father, and continued to do so after his father's demise. Petyr continued the Sect of Iniquity after his father was gone.

One day he came upon a statue of Vittoria, a beautiful elven faery that ruled the Faery Lands millennia before. A statue had been erected in her honor in the huge faery city, Eldwin. Petyr became so entranced by the statue of Vittoria, that he used his powers of necromancy to bring her back from the dead and become his bride.

Vittoria and Petyr had two children, Nysa and Nadim. Because their father was a vampire and their mother truly dead, it is said that the children could never perish – not even in the ways that vampires can be destroyed. It is believed they live on still.

Lys, Daughter of Tynan of the Line of Livana
She wanted to see the worlds. She traveled extensively, and was considered a bit of an explorer as she found lands and people that never before had been heard of.

Lys was actually the first to discover the Gorgons, living deep under the ground beneath the Dead Breath Mountains in Radbod. She actually fell in love with a Gorgon, Zyndeth and had a child with him named Lucifer. It is said she gave birth to the first serpent ever born – which had snake attributes from his father and his mother's deadly fangs.

Lucifer, Son of Lys of the Line of Livana
It is unknown whether this is the actual Lucifer, or simply where the idea or story originated from. The actual Lucifer, as being referred to here, was only a very large serpent or snake. However, it is known that throughout his long life, he did learn to shape shift into human form.

It is quite probable that he was around during the times of Jesus. Of course, the tales of Lucifer as "Satan" are not valid. Satan was a creature created by the Christian church just 1,000 years ago. It is probable that there was a man/serpent that challenged Jesus' preachings by asking him a few pertinent questions and putting him through tests.

Aurea, Daughter of Tynan of the Line of Livana
Like her brother and sister, continued to be a follower and practioner of necromancy and her father's Sect.

Aurea felt most comfortable in the Underworld, and married a Dark Elf, Gerik. They had 9 children which begat the Line of Aurea neé Livana.

Marek, Son of Livana
Married a young human woman, Charis. She died in childbirth and the young baby girl was lost, too.

Marek built a pyramid in Egypt; one of the first that was destroyed long before the Giza or others were erected. Marek became a vampire monk. When the pyramid was destroyed centuries later, it fell around him and buried him in its depths.

It is said he still lives in its remains, thousands of feet under the present desert sand.

Nonna, Daughter of Livana

Nonna was known as "The Razen". She led a 1000 year war against the human race. Most of the pureborne vampire races were wiped out during the war.

At her impending defeat, Nonna disappeared never to be heard from again. Some say she through herself into Mount Atlas, the largest mountain in the universe on the continent of Atlantis. Others say she went underground, planning to rise again and restart the wars.

The battles continued for 10 more years here and there, but only the 1000 years that Nonna led are remembered.

Edana, Daughter of Livana

Fell in love with a merman, Nairn. Being a vampire, it was no problem for her to descend to the icy depths of the ocean and live there with her lover. They had 10 children.

It is said they now live in the ruins of what was once the continent of Atlantis buried deep in the ocean with all of their children, grandchildren, and great-great-great-etc grandchildren.

Edana and Nairn's children were a strange, hybrid mix of vampire and sea creature. It is said that the offspring of Edana and Nairn created the first breed of Sirens to ever exist. All of their daughters were Sirens, while the sons only mermen.

Noelani, Daughter of Edana of the Line of Livana
A dangerous Siren. She traveled the oceans of Earth, sending many sailors and entire ships to their deaths. Noelani never married, but she had a son with her nephew, the Dark Angel Azar.

This child, named Brendin, was the only one of his kind and called a Merbird. He had a fish tail, human-like torso, vampire fangs, and bird wings. He could fly and swim – but he could not walk.

Kelila, Daughter of Edana of the Line of Livana
Though a Siren, Kelila did not delight in the deaths of innocents as much as her sisters. She longed for legs and to live on land.

She met and fell in love with a young Elven prince, Eriken, who asked the gods to give her legs. His wish was granted, and Kelila joined the prince in his castle and they ruled happily for many hundreds of years in Eldwin.

They had one daughter, Aril. It is believed that the ancient legend of "The Little Mermaid" came from the true tale of Kelila's life.

Ryba, Daughter of Edana of the Line of Livana
She was perhaps more wicked than her older sister. Not only did lure many male creatures to their deaths, the ones who could not perish in the icy ocean waters – vampires for example – she kept imprisoned in a dark cave thousands of leagues under the ocean.

Ryba kept these men as her personal sex slaves, and would return at intervals to rape them. She had two children from her prisoners, a Siren, Nerine, and a vampire merman, Kayin.

Zhora, Daughter of Edana of the Line of Livana
Started her own kingdom across the world from her parents'. She married her brother, Doron, and together they ruled the underwater kingdom of Weryn. They had four children, Basilla, Ciril, Marler, and Girgi, which began the Line of Zhora neé Livana.

Adamma, Daughter of Edana of the Line of Livana
Raped almost all of the men she killed. She had 7 daughters, and it is probably because of her that the race of Sirens grew stronger and did not die out. Her daughters were Zorana, Secunda, Nadia, Vrida, Kerfira, Cascia, and Kira.

Doron, Son of Edana of the Line of Livana
Married his sister, Zhora and together they began a new underwater kingdom they named Weryn.

They had four children, Basilla, Ciril, Marler, and Girgi, which began the Line of Zhora neé Livana.

Edsel, Son of Edana of the Line of Livana
Mermen were known for being more homo- than heterosexual. Edsel and his brother, Spiro, became lovers. They lived together until their deaths, many hundreds of years later.

Volney, Son of Edana of the Line of Livana
Married a mermaid, Rynselle. They lived in the kingdom of their siblings, Weryn.

They had 3 children, Haroun, Rey, and Galgani, beginning the Line of Volney neé Livana.

Spiro, Son of Edana of the Line of Livana
Became lovers with his brother, Edsel.

Byram, Son of Edana of the Line of Livana
Stayed in the kingdom of his parents. He lived with another merman for a good part of his lifetime. He then married a mermaid, Gwynd and they had one child, a daughter named Noria.