Welcome to The Syls Empire

Posted on November 19, 2008 by S. Riley

It all began with a vampire named Nonna.

In 2002, I began writing about a young female vampire named Nonna, who raged a 100-year war against the human race in an attempt to destroy the opposing species.

I decided to flesh out her family and wrote about her parents - and then their parents. Before I knew it, I was fleshing out an entire family (brothers, sisters, children) that was beginning to span generations!

Soon - and unwittingly - I had created an entire new world, which I dubbed the planet, Antares - the sister of Earth.

This world was populated by many fantastical creatures - mainly vampires, aliens and humans and mixtures of the three. Antares was a large world with many lands and two planes of existence that floated in and around its atmosphere. The family of the Syls became the foremost figures in Antares's history and ruled the vast world until its demise.

This is their story.

What you read hence forth is the "history" of the formidable Syls family on this late, great planet done by "researchers" and compiled together by the woman who dedicated her entire life to establish a definitive Syls history - Jeya Shaw. Ms. Shaw is the protagonist I've created to present the Syls information.

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