Who Is Jeya Shaw?

Posted on December 2, 2013 by S. Riley

What you are about to read is the "history" of this formidable family on the late, great planet, Antares, done by "researchers" and compiled together by the woman who dedicated her entire life to establish a definitive Syls history - Jeya Shaw, the protagonist I've created to present the Syls information.

In my mind's eye, Jeya is a college graduate with a Bachelor of History degree. While in grade school, she became entranced by the ancient history of the Syls empire and the long-gone planet, Antares, Earth's fallen sister.

After graduating college, her great life's work became researching and compiling all known texts and histories of Antares, and the great Syls family.

Though, the information was out there and various texts and books had been written, no one had ever taken the time to put it all in one place and create a definitive work. This is what Jeya has done; the fruits of her labors are what you are reading here.

I see Jeya as an unmarried woman in her late 40s, who travels extensively, continuing her work on the Anatares and Syls history.

I currently envision her traveling the world searching for relics or lost "portals" on Earth that were once part of or connected to Anatares, and working on compiling a great work on what the lost eighth generation of the history might have entailed.

The History of the Syls - Preface
by Jeya Shaw

Ever since I was a young girl I have been fascinated by the great Syls - who lived on and ruled the long-gone planet of Antares, Earth's planetary sister. As an adult, my obsession has become my greatest work. I have spent many years finding and putting together all of the ancient and scattered histories of this great family.

Luckily, I was able to find enough history to create a very accurate account of most of the Syls family members, excepting the mysterious Eighth Generation which is missing from any and all histories of the Syls. What happened during this Eighth Generation can only be guessed at.

For those of you not aware of the rich history of Earth's lost sister, I invite you to view this website and learn more.