The Line of Roldan

Posted on June 15, 2007 by J. Shaw

Roldan OF SYLS

As a young vampire, he traveled to the dark Under World. He met and married an evil sprite, Matz. Roldan overthrew the ruler of the Dundren, Licale, and took over that part of the Under World. The other half continued to be ruled by a warring clan. Matz and Roldan had three sons: Septh, Ziven, and Ciric.

Septh, Son of Roldan

Took over the ruling of the Dundren. He tried, and succeeded, in taking over the other half of the world, the Nerdnud. Septh was the first to rule the entire Under World. He ruled there for a few hundred years and was remembered fondly by all Under Worlders.

He took a wife, Lys, an evil sprite. They had three children: a son, Anand, and two daughters, Wilone and Linna.

Septh, Lys, and their children were murdered by Septh's younger brother, Ciric, who then took over the rule of the lands.

Anand, Son of Septh of the Line of Roldan
Anand was near a grown vampire when he was murdered at the age of 17. In vampire years, it was very young, but his body had begun to take on its final growing stages. He was a short vampire and lacked the sprite wings. His friends called him Dwafire for his unusually small height. Anand became close with his uncle, Fiesole, and traveled the worlds with him for many years. Anand became a much-adored bard. He settled on Earth in Atlantis, playing for the kings of the great city. He never married nor bore any children.

Wilone, Daughter of Septh of the Line of Roldan
It was thought that Wilone was murdered along with her family. The young vampire sprite had been born with an amazing gift - the power to shape shift at will. It is not a naturally born gift for her kind, and was seen as a blessing.

On the night of the murders, Wilone had shifted into a cat and had snuck out of the house, as she usually did. She had put her pillow under the covers, to make it seem as if she were asleep there in case her parents awoke. Ciric never pulled back the covers, only stabbing blindly into each of the beds in the room she shared with her older brother and younger sister. She arrived, unfortunately, in time to light on the windowsill and watch her uncle murder her siblings.

Wilone ran away, and found shelter in the home of an old, wise demon necromancer, Iorlas. He taught her in the ways of the black art, and when she became a young adult, she raised her brother and sister from the dead. The spells did not work completely and both of them remained the age they had been murdered at.

Wilone married the old demon's son, Qrel. They had four children. This became the Line of Wilone neé Roldan.

Linna, Daughter of Septh of the Line of Roldan
Linna was only nine when she was murdered by her uncle. A small, slight and lithe sprite she had never been very strong. Linna lived in the body of a nine year old for 60 years.

She fell in love with a dark elf, Koen. They were married, and she soon became pregnant. Linna's young and small body could not take giving birth, much less to an offspring of a larger race, and she died in childbirth. Koen combined their names to come up with their daughter's, Lona, and raised the child alone.

Ziven, Son of Roldan

Left the Under World after the murder of his brother. He did not want to be ruled by Ciric. Ziven did not adjust well to the Upper World, but found a place in the Other World in the Pixie Lands similar to his Under World home.

He married a pixie named Lynxl. They had one child, a demon pixie vampire that they named Aruna.

Aruna, Daughter of Ziven of the Line of Roldan

She was a beautiful vampire demon pixie. Her skin was light brown, her hair long, luxurious and black and her large doe eyes were liquid pools of inky black. She had dragonfly wings, full, pouty lips and the usual curvaceous pixie body. Aruna liked to seduce human and vampire men, alike.

She had only one child, a daughter named Eris, whom she adored. Sadly, a jealous lover killed Aruna when her daughter was still young. Eris and her descendants became the Line of Aruna neé Roldan.

Ciric, Son of Roldan

The youngest of Roldan's three. After murdering his brother's family and taking over the ruling of the Under World, he sat on this throne for many years. Ciric was an unliked ruler, however, and was eventually overthrown by the child of his cousin Aleydis, who was birthed to rule over the demon class. Rothkar killed Ciric and took over the ruling of the lands.

Ciric never married nor fathered any children. It is said his father cursed him from the grave to be barren for murdering his brother and his family.