Races on Antares

Posted on December 2, 2013 by S. Riley

As the story goes on, there are many mixings of various races with one another. Sometimes new, strange hybrid children were borne and these creatures often possessed attributes of both parents' races.

With all of this inter-racial mixing, it is imperative to know the attributes, features, and abilities of the original races to understand how each race in a mix affects the outcome.

The Pureborne Races of the ancient days, in relation to the Book of the Syls, consist of the Vampires, Aliens, and the Humans. These were the pure and main ruling races of the times. There were also the lesser races of Angels, Giants, Fae, and Demons though their origins were not the Upper World of Antares but its Other and Under Worlds. The mixing of the three main world's pure races and the lesser races of Antares's connected realms created the Half Breed lines.



Vampires are borne on one of the two planets, Earth or Antares. Vampires, originally, were a sister race of humans. They shared many of the same qualities and features. Vampires existed as abundantly on the planets as humans.

Humans and vampires did not always get along – in fact, they usually did not. Most vampires wanted to rule over the human race – as they fed off of them and considered them beneath them. Near all humans wanted rid of the vampire race that used them as food. However, not all vampires fed on humans – some only ate animals. Not all humans hated and feared vampires and not all vampires disliked humans. There were hundreds of cities, towns, and communities where the two races lived peacefully together (Atlantis was one of these). The races intermarried many times.

Physical Appearance
Vampires generally look exactly like humans – except for a few key and noticeable differences. Vampires, naturally, have fangs and all have striking, piercing eyes – some even glow when they are on the hunt. Eye colors range from black, red or yellow. There is one class of vampire whose eyes are solid white. They are evil, and live in the Underworld. Unlike humans, all vampires are beautiful and handsome. Most are slender, and svelte. None are overweight. Their skin is much paler than humans and they have no blemishes. They are a very elegant race.

Attributes and Abilities
Vampires possess powers similar to aliens. They are stronger than humans. They possess an eyesight that is like that of a cat. They can see in the dark. They also have an eternal lifespan. This does not mean vampires cannot die – it simply means they do not just "die" at the end of their life. They must either be killed or kill themselves. Vampires can die by fire, by having their heart pierced through or removed, and by certain magic spells that are possessed by a very few, elite wizards and magic users. Other wounds heal within 24 hours.

Some, but not all, vampires can fly though there are no pureborne vampires with wings. Vampires can give birth like aliens and humans, but they can all create other vampires by biting them and having the victim drink of their own blood. These are not pureborne vampires, however. Many vampires will do this to humans to create slaves.



Aliens come from the space surrounding the two habitable planets in this solar system, and from other solar systems light years away from our own. Aliens come to the two planets and settle there or simply visit from time to time.

Many myths and legends that exist today of various "gods" and "goddesses" were, in fact, actual creatures that existed. Many of the tales that abound about them today do have some basis in the factual lives of these creatures. For example, The God Atlas (or Posiedon, depending upon where you read) did, in fact, found and create the city of Atlantis and he did have 7 beautiful daughters.

Physical Appearance
Aliens look similar to humans, though they are usually taller and much more stout. The men are muscular and mighty, while the women generally very full-bodied and curvaceous. Their skin is generally the color of humans and varies in shades the same way – though there are those aliens with oddly colored skin. Hair and eyes are much like humans, also. Aliens can shapeshift to appear however they would like, but most chose to look like the predominant species on the two planets – humans and vampires and take these forms while living here.

Attributes and Abilities
Aliens are stronger than humans and vampires. Think of a god-like strength and stamina and you have a good idea of the physical power of these creatures. They have no wings, but most can fly without them. They have a supreme intelligence – higher than that of any other race. Most can perform the magic of wizards with little to no effort. Aliens can perform feats – physical or magical – that no other race can perform. They are also natural healers. They truly are a superior race.



The humans of the ancient days were much like humans today – though more intelligent, more in touch with nature, and possessing many natural abilities that humans today have forgotten how to use. These include telepathy, teletransport, empathy, and clairvoyance just to name a few.

Physical Appearance
Humans of yesterday looked like humans today. There varied in size, shape and skin color generally depending on what world or area they were from.

Attributes and Abilities
Humans possess none of the inborne magical properties of vampires and aliens, though they are quite adept at learning and becoming proficient in almost any magical field. Humans cannot fly, and have the shortest lifespan of all the pureborne races – though ancient humans generally lived way into their hundreds. The lack of pollution and their innate knowledge of herbal medicine and a holistic way of living contributed to their long lifespans.



Half-breeds are mixing of any of the pureborne races. The Antareans gave logical names to these half-bred creatures:

      • Vamplien: An alien - vampire mix; pronounced vamp-leen
      • Halflien: A human - alien mix; pronounced half-lee-en
      • Vampan: A human - vampire mix; pronounced vamp-en

There were also creatures that were the result of pureborne or half-breed creatures breeding with other Antarean creatures. Some of these that we have record of are:

  • Merbird: A siren - angel mix; pronounced mur-burd
  • Demoire: A demon - vampire mix; pronounced dee-mwah-ire
  • Gire: - A vampire - giant mix; pronounced gy-er
  • Aliant: - An alien - giant - vampire mix; pronounced ae-lee-int
  • Wyllow: - A mix of vampire - giant - pixie; pronounced wi-loe

* Sirens and pixies are types of Fae creatures. Any type of angel or giant mixed with these creates the above breeds.