The Line of Zhora neƩ Livana

Posted on June 18, 2007 by J. Shaw

Zhora, Daughter of Edana of the Line of Livana

Started her own kingdom across the world from her parents'. She married her brother, Doron, and together they ruled the underwater kingdom of Weryn. They had four children: Basilla, Ciril, Marler, and Girgi.

Basilla, Daughter of Zhora

Fell in love with her younger sister, Girgi's, lover, Eidoron. Basilla tried, in vain, to break them up throughout their courtship.

It was thought she had gotten over her crush when she began to pursue the arts of magic. She convinced her cousin, Azrail, to come to the ocean city and train her in the arts of enchantment for one year. Azrail consented, and afterwards, Basilla moved to a remote dwelling on the outskirts of Weryn.

During this time, Girgi and Eidoron were married and had two daughters. Ten years later, Basilla re-emerged as a powerful enchantress. She became close with her sister and her sister's family. Everyone thought all was well. Basilla then poisoned her sister, turned her two nieces into fish, and put an enchantment spell on Eidoron so that he fell madly in love with her. She whisked him away to an unknown place deep in the ocean.

Ciril, Son of Zhora

As the first borne son, took over the ruling of Weryn. He and his family stayed in the palace and he was a much-adored ruler.

He fell in love with a seahorse, Nimue. Nimue and Ciril were too different in size to mate or marry. When his cousin, Azrail, came to live in the ocean for a year and train his sister, he begged her to change Nimue into a mermaid. Azrail was only able to make Nimue bigger, so she became the size of mermaid while retaining her horse-head.

Ciril and Nimue had 4 children, all half seahorse, half vampire/mermaid: Cleindori, Asmed, Rondir, and Synis.

Marler, Son of Zhora

Fell in love with a fish named Catis. They mated, and Catis died giving birth. The child was the first shark to ever exist; the child's name is unknown. Marler raised the shark alone.

Girgi, Daughter of Zhora

Married her childhood sweetheart, Eidoron. They had two daughters, and lived near the palace in Weryn.

Girgi had stopped speaking to her sister many years before after she tried to steal Eidoron from her many times. Basilla disappeared for many years, and came back, it seemed, a changed person. Girgi and her sister became close again.

Basilla murdered Girgi by poisoning her and changed her two daughters, Merelie and Marsiela, into fish. She then enchanted Eidoron and ran away with him to a remote part of the ocean deep.