Geography of Antares

Posted on June 15, 2007 by S. Riley

Antares consists of three main "worlds", or planes of existence. What is known as The Upper World was the physical planet of Antares, which consisted of seven continents and four oceans.

The Upper World

Also known as "The World of Light" or "The Plane of Light".

There are two planets in the solar system of the Upper World, Earth and Antares. Earth still exists today, though much changed geographically from the ancient days. On Earth, for the purposes of describing the Syls Empire, the islands of Atlantis and Lemuria are still in existence. Antares was Earth’s sister planet. They shared a sun and a moon, though Antares also had her own moon.

Antares consisted of the continents Anatolia, The Isle of Roth, the Lucyna Islands, Radbod, Gelasius, Tey Island, and the Enchanted Isles (Isles of Magic) and the oceans, The Salt Sea, The South Sea, the Sage Sea and the Onyx Ocean.

Antares also housed five sky cities that existed in the air above the lands, Ira (over the Salt Sea), Elihu (over the Island of Tey), Enos (over the South Sea), Ezra (over Radbod), and Anael (over Anatolia).

The Upper World also housed 3 f the 5 Necromancer Sects: the original, Sect of Iniquity on Radbod, the Sect of Bane, under the oceans of Antares and near the kingdom of Weryn, and the Sect of Decadence.

Creatures that inhabited the Upper World ran the gamut of all creation. Typically, humans, giants, centaurs, bird people, vampires, aliens (usually originating from the solar system surrounding the two planets), trolls, ogres are borne in the Upper World. Any species can exist on the Upper World. Pureborne humans can only exist in the Upper World – and nowhere else. They can visit the other worlds, but cannot live there and are never born there.

The Other World

Also known as "The Middle Planes" or "The Elven World".

The Other World is another plane of existence in the universe. It is generally reached through tele-transport or through certain magical "portals" located throughout the Upper World (and a few in the Under World). These are generally hidden and there whereabouts only known by the Other Worlders. Many are hidden in tree trunks, holes in the ground, or deep in dark caves. There are a few known portals that anyone can use to travel to the Other World – though only brave souls do so. Stonehenge was an example of such a portal.

The Sect of Rot (called Roat) was established by Megara and Tasyn, Daughter and Son of Tola.

Other World lands are typically named for the races that inhabitant them. There are the "Faery Lands" and the "Elven Lands", etc. The Other World is a magical, mystical place. Most of the terrain resembles that of beautiful valleys or tropical rainforests. There are not many large bodies of water, and all are crystal, clear blue or an emerald green. There is one mountain range, the Sunniva Mts. Most of the land is covered in lush, beautiful hills.

Races that are born in and exist in the Other World include elves, faeries, pixies, leprechauns, sprites and similar creatures. Mermaids also originated from the Other World, though found they preferred the salty, large bodied waters of the Upper World and started their families there. Other World creatures can exist on any World, and do – though most prefer their Other World as home. Most creatures from the Other World are of pale skin (white, tan, pale green or blue, pink, etc) with blue, green, black, brown or even violet/purple eyes. Hair color is an easy way to determine an Other Worlder – it is the only plane where creatures are born with white, purple, or green hair. Natural hair colors are common, also, but these colors are specific only to this area.

The Under World

Also known as "The Lower Planes" or "The Demonic World".

The Under World is another plane, like the Other World, it floats around the Upper World. There are two realms of the Under World: The Dundren and the Nerdnud

The Under World is a dark place. Night lasts for half of the year – day light only gets as bright as dusk in the Upper World and this lasts half a year, also. The terrain is rocky and mountainous and other parts are barren desert wastelands. There is one forest in the Under World, aptly named the Dark Forest. Light never enters this forest and is populated with many, mysterious dark creatures. Many races within the Under World itself will not even venture into the Dark Forest. Murky pools, dark lakes and blood rivers make up the water supply of the Under World. Although dark and often brown, the water is pure to drink. Most of the water is warm and has steam rising from it. There is one ocean in the Under World, called only The Deep. It is black and said to be fathomless. Horrendous sea creatures live in its murky depths and the waters are ice cold and black as onyx. It is said that the souls of creatures who drown in The Deep are trapped there forever. There are many towns and villages dotted throughout the Underworld, and only two big cities, one in each of the regions: Falak in the Nerdnud began by Arda, Daughter of Wilone and Ferag in the Dundren, began by Taegon, Son of Wilone.

The Sect of Vice, started by Azrail, daughter of Aurea, in the Underworld as an extension of the original, Sect of Iniquity, was founded in the Dundren.

The creatures that are born in and exist within the Underworld are demons, imps, goblins, dark elves, evil sprites, gnomes, and other dark entities. Species of the Other World can, and do, exist happily in the Underworld (the darker of the species) and there are quite a few races in the Upper World that can live comfortably in the Under World (vampires primarily). Under Worlders rarely enjoy living anywhere but their home plane, but can exist in the other two worlds – though they usually only visit to wreck havoc on innocent creatures and then return to their own world. Most creatures from the Under World are dark-skinned (black, brown, blue or dark green) and quite a few are even scaly. A good deal of Under World creatures have yellow or red eyes, also. These particular anomalies are believed to be a result of no real sunlight existing on this plane.