The Four

Posted on June 15, 2007 by J. Shaw

The Syls: Generations Third-Seventh

The powerful and pureborne vampires, Roldan and Maleeva, ruled the Isle of Roth in the Salt Sea. Across the sea were the Lucyna Islands, ruled by the equally powerful pureborne vampires, Orjan and Vidania. They lived on the largest island of the cluster, Dannuth. The two powerful families were joined together by the marriage of their only children, Lothar of Roth and Imarra of Lucyna. Lothar and Imarra were given the second largest of the Lucyna Islands, Syls, as a wedding gift. This was the beginning of the largest and longest lasting vampire empire in ancient history.

Lothar and Imarra had four children, all powerful and remarkable vampires. The generations will be logged here as proceeding from the four children of Syls Island (The Four). They were the begetters of the empire, and their progeny kept the line alive for many centuries.

The Children of the Island of Syls