The Line of Aurea neƩ Livana

Posted on June 20, 2007 by J. Shaw

Aurea, Daughter of Tynan of the Line of Livana

Like her brother and sister, continued to be a follower and practioner of necromancy and her father's Sect.

Aurea felt most comfortable in the Underworld, and married a Dark Elf, Gerik. They had 9 children: Taj, Zelig, Ashlin, Thyra, Meda, Godric, Vivy, Azrail, and Cres.

Taj, Son of Aurea

Left the Underworld to join the Sect of Iniquity in Radbod as his mother had. He became a powerful magician and necromancer. He tried to raise the long dead dragons from their deathly slumbers and succeeded in populating the Dead Breath Mountains with dragons once again.

He mated with a small, female dragon named Axeta. Axeta gave birth to a race of lizard people with scaly skin, vampire fangs, and the magic powers of fire (they could not breathe fire, but could shoot it from their hands at will).

This new race was called Dragnards. Axeta and Taj had 5 children: Bertolde, Vadin, Gerlac, Abra, and Ilka.

Zelig, Son of Aurea

The young vampire dark elf fell in love with his cousin, Nerine, the Siren. Nerine, of course, felt little for him. He gave himself to her, allowing her to kill him if she would only make love to him before his death. Nerine consented, and after taking him in the ocean, she killed him.

It is said Nerine grew a soft spot for her poor cousin, and buried his body in her ocean home.

Ashlin, Daughter of Aurea

The beautiful young woman got involved with a dark sect of demons that lived near her in the Underworld. She believed they were training her to be one of their apprentices. However, they locked her in a dungeon and raped her repeatedly. After she had borne them four sons (she also bore 3 daughters, that were slain), they killed her.

Upon finding out what had happened to her daughter, Aurea petitioned her nephew, Seoul, who ruled over that part of the Underworld, to destroy the sect and kill all of its members. Seoul did – all 100 of them were savagely burned alive.

Thyra, Daughter of Aurea

She left the Underworld when she was young. She settled briefly in Radbod, in her mother's Sect, but eventually found herself wanting to visit the sky cities.

She traveled to Anatolia, where most of her flying cousins lived, and was introduced to Colyer, a Griffon. They married and had 3 children, all vampires with wings: Kryil, Aeron, and Lida.

Meda, Daughter of Aurea

Also practiced in the Sect and became an extremely powerful necromancer. She was asked by Vanya to rule over one of the Isles of Magic, and it was renamed in her honor.

Meda never married. It is said she kept a lover, however, a demon by the name of Dal. She bore a daughter by him named Deryl.

Godric, Son of Aurea

Traveled to the Otherworld, where he met with a sprite, Alva. Alva seduced the young vamp-elf, stayed with him for two years and then ran away from him.

He spent years looking for her all over the Otherworld. He finally found her, married to a male sprite, Chanuk. There was a child, but it was Godric's daughter - a daughter named Zoedyn.

Godric killed Alva and Chanuk and took Zoedyn back with him to the Underworld.

Vivy, Daughter of Aurea

Actually felt very at home in the Dirt Lands of Radbod with the trolls and ogres. She left the Underworld to live there, and married an ogre – the first Syls to marry into that particular race – named Alberik.

They had three ugly, yet powerful children: Zillah, Numa, and Knute.

Azrail, Daughter of Aurea

Began an extension of the Sect of Iniquity in the Underworld, called the Sect of Vice. Azrail was the most powerful magic user of all her brothers and sisters.

She married an equally powerful half Dark Elf/ half Demon, Kyros. They had a son, Rama, and a daughter, Alma.

Cres, Son of Aurea

The youngest of Aurea's children. He stayed in the Underworld, studying at his sister's Sect of Vice.

Cres took a male imp as a lover, Darie. Cres never married nor bore children. Later in his life, Cres, along with Darie, built a great palace they named Phallacy. It was a huge male brothel.