The Line of Xanthe

Posted on June 18, 2007 by J. Shaw

Xanthe OF SYLS

Xanthe was a powerful vampire witch who gave birth to many children with various vampires, men, and alien gods. She never married but it is said she had a female companion, Amapola, who lived with her throughout her long life. It is believed that Amapola was Xanthe's lover and, truly, her wife. Amapola was a halflien and lived for a long time - but she did not have the eternal lifespan of her lover. After her death, Xanthe simply disappeared.

It should be noted that Xanthe was a significant influence on her niece, Nonna, Daughter of Livana, and aided her in battle many times. Many of Xanthe's children, Nonna's cousins, fought and perished in the war.

It is unknown exactly how many children Xanthe birthed. She had many other children we do not know about, and, I'm afraid, the exact number will never be known (though some scholars believe she had exactly 100). Many of the names have been lost in time - but these are the few that remain in various ancient records.

Neri, Daughter of Xanthe
Moved to what is now Ireland on Earth. She met with a male faery named Nohea. They became lovers and it is said he whisked her away to the Faery Lands - where ony faeries and elves are allowed to go. Neri and Nohea had many children - some famous faeries, leprechauns, and elves of present Irish lore.

Sava & Siran, Son and Daughter of Xanthe
These two were twins and extremely close. They were never away from one another, and eventually became lovers. They married and had four children (2 sets of twins - f/f and m/m).

Amator & Rankin, Sons of Xanthe
The brothers were close in age and grew up close. They married sisters. They built a huge double palace and lived there for centuries - long after their human wives had passed on and their children had spread across the lands.

Choro, Daughter of Xanthe
She is said to have prayed fervently every day of her life for wings; she wanted to fly. The legend is that one night Choro was visited by a griffon. He had sex with her and immediately afterwards, beautiful wings grew from her back. Choro flew to live in the sky with the bird people. It is said her lovely voice inspired birds everywhere and it is because of she that birds now sing.

Gurion & Nawal, Sons of Xanthe
Gurion and his brother, Nawal, fell in love with the same beautiful mermaid, Ladhe. She suggested they fight a duel for her, and Gurion slay his own brother. Xanthe was so angry at the exchange that she killed Ladhe and sent Gurion to live at the bottom of the ocean alone forever.

Alaqua, Daughter of Xanthe
She took her powers to a dark place. She joined forces with her cousin, Tynan, in the Sect of Iniquity. She became a powerful and much feared sorceress - destroying whole towns and communities with her evil powers.

Djamila, Daughter of Xanthe
She married a human man and they had 3 lovely children. When the man died suddenly, Djamila never recovered. She eventually killed her children and herself.

Mico, Son of Xanthe
He was close to his sister, Alaqua. He joined forces with her and Tynan for a while, and then broke away to study his own powers and magic. He is said to have found the perfect balance between light and dark. Mico was a powerful wizard and it is believed that Merlin was at one time his apprentice.

Galladrelle, Daughter of Xanthe
She was the last of Xanthe's children to "disappear" from the record books. It is believed that she lived longest, or perhaps stayed in the public eye longer than any of her siblings.

Galladrelle of Xanthe took on her mother's name and is still found in recorded history of early England and in early Egypt. It is believed she started the Mayan civilization.

Odo, Son of Xanthe
He was the child of a human man. None of Xanthe's children by pure human men did well. Odo was a retard and a hunchback. He stayed with his mother, acting as a servant until his death 200 years later.

Dorotheus, Daughter of Xanthe
She was the most beautiful of Xanthe's children. She always surrounded herself with royalty and luxuries, and we read about her in more current history as the Lady Godiva - a nickname she had even as a youngster.

Fiesole, Son of Xanthe
He was always a kind-hearted vamplien. His father was Dionysus, god of the vine, of wine and of mystic ecstasy. Fiesole became a world famous bard, traveling the entire universe and enchanting all with his beautiful music and surreptitious voice.

Fiesole was also known for his liasons with women and men. Is is purported that he fathered many children all over the world. Fiesole was a favorite of Xanthe's and was always very dear to her heart. It is said that all inborn-talented musicians are descendants of Fiesole.

Medard, Son of Xanthe
He was one of Xanthe's first chilren - some say he was the first-born. He became a powerful wizard, like his brother Mico, but lived a solitary life in a cave.

Xanthe called on him for counsel when she was unsure how to proceed in affairs. It is said he only came out of his home once a year to visit his monk cousin, Marek, at his monastery.

Cipriana, Daughter of Xanthe
She became enchanted by a wicked elf when she was very young. He whisked her away to the Faery Lands. Xanthe was unable to get her back for 50 years.

When Cipriana returned it is said she had grown her own faery wings and knew all the secrets of the elves and faeries of the Other World. She lived a top a tree and it is said she eventually married a half-elf named Ruin. They had 7 children - all a strange mix of vampire, elf, and human with wings, pointy ears and teeth. It is said Sidhe, the famous, evil faery vampire, was one of their daughters.

Benen, Son of Xanthe
He wanted the entire world ruled by vampires, and wanted to return to a pureblood-borne vampire ruling class. He joined his cousin, Nonna's army as her second in command.

Benen perished in the last 10 years of the war and it is said Nonna was never the same after his death.

Molua and Modan, Daughter and Son of Xanthe
These two were twins fathered by the only imp lover Xanthe ever had. Molua looked like a pixie vampire, and Modan was a dark-skinned goblin-looking child. They were quiet and reserved, and ran away to live with the imps in the Under World. Molua married a dark elf, Leowe. They had 8 children. Modan never married, but lived with his sister and her family.

Gadar, Son of Xanthe
He joined his cousin, Nonna's cause when he was just a young vampire. He became a great warrior and survived the wars - unlike many of his brothers and sisters whose names we do not know.

Gadar moved to the Dead Breath Mountains on the continent of Radbod, which was inhabited by only dragons. It is said he tamed them, and lived peacefully with them until their extinction a few short years later. When the last dragon lay dying, Gadar asked him to breath his fire on him with his last breath. The dragon did so, and he and Gadar perished together.

Kateri, Daughter of Xanthe
She became a Druid priestess. She moved to the Other World, where she felt more in tune with the spirits of Nature and lived all of her days atop a faery hill, commencing with the spirits. It is said she mated with various animals, creating strange, hybrid offspring. The ones that are known of are as follows:

  • Padraic - whose father was a deer
  • Ulf - whose father was a wolf. It is believed Ulf was the first "werewolf" and the legends and line extends from him.
  • Nara - whose father was a leopard

The creatures had the ability to turn into these animals at will (shape-shifting) and possessed attributes of them at all times. They kept the telltale vampire fangs, however.

Aleydis, Daughter of Xanthe
She wanted always to travel to the dark Under World after hearing tales of her uncle, Roldan. It is believed her father was a demon from that very place. She finally befriended an imp, Giru, who frequented the Upper World and seduced him. They were married and he took her to live with him in the Dundren of the Under World, the area that was ruled by her uncle.

Once there, she soon had little to do with her new husband. She had many liasons with other demons and dark creatures - finally falling in love with a powerful demon, Zebulen. When she became pregnant for him, Giru was so enraged he caused Aleydis to lose the child. Zebulen killed Giru for his doings, and Aleydis and Zebulen stayed lovers until his demise centuries later. Their 2 children, Tyl and Tyn, were wicked sprites who played evil games with humans.

Aleydis was the most powerful woman of the Under World, and after Zebulen was gone, she continued to have many lovers - imps, sprites, demons, gremlins, goblins, etc. She gave birth to one child for each race who grew to be the ruler of their particular race; these children were the beginnings of the Line of Aleydis neé Xanthe, which began with each of the following:

  • Rothkar, the Demon Ruler
  • Milun, the Gnome Ruler
  • Aeacus, the Dark Elf Ruler
  • Noga, the Imp Ruler
  • Dyahn, the Evil Sprite Ruler
  • Enlil, the Dark Spirit Ruler
  • Coemgen, the Goblin Ruler

The Triplets, Children of Xanthe
a) Jael, Jedrek, Juri (male)
b) Jelnica, Joele, Jora (female)
The two sets of triplets were conceived from the same human lover, Curran of Oray. Another jealous lover murdered them all. The boys were born three years older than their triplet sisters..

Six years after the birth of the male triplets, Adlai of Instyl slay all six of the children in their nursery. Xanthe was so enraged she had him buried alive thousands of feet under the ground in a small box - casting a spell upon it that it would never open nor see the light of day again. Being a vampire, it is believed he survives there still, unable to esacpe.

Adlai was the father of Amator, one of Xanthe's older children. Curran killed himself after the murder of his children.

Eurydice, Daughter of Xanthe
She took care of her younger brothers and sisters, the sets of triplets. She was devastated when they were murdered - it was she who found their bodies. She lost her mind and roamed the world singing the nursery rhymes she had sung to them.

It is said that while bathing in the ocean one day, she was raped by a merman. She gave birth to six human-sized fish and went to live with them at the bottom of the ocean.