The Fall

Posted on June 15, 2007 by J. Shaw

The Syls: Generations Ninth-Twelfth

The Eighth Generation of the Syls Empire has been lost in the annals of time. Up to that point, Syls descendants ruled every major continent in the world of Antares. The Empire had begun in the Fourth Generation, with The Four – Livana, Roldan, Arael, and Xanthe – from which, many generations later, had spanned to include hundreds of descendants and rule of the world. All Syls descendants came from one of these original four. It is not until two generations later that the story is resumed in recorded history. Bits and pieces were scattered about – but have been collected here for the continuation of the Syls saga – The Fall.

At the time of the Fall, which is believed to have begun in the Eleventh Generation and continued on until the Twelfth, the Syls were divided by a great civil war. The family began to fight amongst itself for control of lands – and the Syls were then divided into three main families – the Syls, the Tallanthas, and the SarRayn. These three families, when the great war was over, were the ones left standing and who controlled Antares. The three fought bitterly – never resolving their differences until the demise of the planet centuries later.

We know the history of the great Syls – but who are the Tallanthas and the SarRayn? Both married into the Syls family in the Eighth and Ninth Generations – from what history can determine. Remember, the Eighth Generation is missing from the annals of history. It was sometime after the Eighth Generation that these surnames began to appear in the Syls chronicles.

The Tallanthas Marry Into the Syls

The necromancer Meda, daughter of Aurea (daughter of Tynan who was the son of Livana) gave birth to a daughter, Deryl, by her demon lover. Deryl was of the Seventh Generation. It is unknown whom she married, but the female Odyssa who appears in the Ninth Generation is traced back to an unknown Mornae, who is mentioned as being the "daughter of the Necromancer for whom an island was named". Surely, this refers to Meda, daughter of Aurea, whose cousin, Vanya, asked her to live on the Isles of Magic and renamed the island for her. Another fact that points to Odyssa being the granddaughter of Meda is that she was born and raised on the Meda Isle, "as was her mother before her". It is believed that Deryl went on to give birth to a female, Mornae, whose records were lost with the rest of the Eighth Generation, and that this Mornae is the mother of Odyssa. Odyssa, therefore, hails from the Line of Livana.

Odyssa of Meda Isle married a demon, Menard Tallanthas. Odyssa and Menard had three children. Since the race of Odyssa's parents and grand-father are in question, it is unknown what race the children were precisely. It is now that we begin to see the blurrying begin in the racial mixing of Antares.

The Children of Odyssa and Menard Tallanthas:

  • Aissan
  • Trimara
  • Antyr

The Tallanthas married into the Syls in the Ninth Generation.

The SarRayn Marry Into the Syls

Landicus of the Seventh Generation was born in the Otherworld – son of Donatus and Megara (daughter of Ngatia, who was the daughter of Meara – daughter of Arael). Landicus' mother, Megara, and her brother, Tasyn, established the Sect of Rot in the Otherworld – the first Necromancy sect there. When Landicus was of age he married a human woman, Inna and returned to the Upper World with her. It is unknown how many children were borne of the two – as their histories are lost in Eighth Generation scripts. However, in the Ninth Generation we see a woman by the name of Lona who claims her grandmother founded the Sect of Rot. Lona is also a powerful Necromancer. It is assumed and accepted that Lona hails from the Line of Arael and is the "lost" descendant of Megara and Donatus. Lona is shown in the Ninth Generation as already being an adult and married to a Necromancer Elf, Jereh SarRayn.

The Children of Lona and Jereh SarRayn:

  • Censa
  • Anwar
  • Elan
  • Stavros
  • Marjani

The SarRayn married into the Syls in the Eighth Generation.