The Line of Arael

Posted on June 18, 2007 by J. Shaw


Arael was the oldest of the children. He grew to be a great warrior, conquering two entire countries, Anatolia and Gelasius and joining them to the now-growing Syls Empire. Arael married later in life to a lovely halflien, Syra, whom he had two children with, Turin and Meara.

Turin, Son of Arael

Joined his cousin, Nonna, in the 1000 Years War and was second in command only to their cousin, Benen, Son of Xanthe. After the battles, Turin was given the rule of Gelasius by his father. He started a great city that he named Geth. In a huge battle with the occupants of the neighboring, Helfta Isles, who wanted Gelasius for their own, Turin was killed. The city was re-named Turingeth in his honor. He left behind a pureborne vampire wife, Kalliope and one daughter, Vanya.

Vanya, Daughter of Turin of the Line of Arael
Grew to be a powerful sorceress. She took over the natives that lived in the Helfta Isles that had killed her father. She allowed only other powerful magic users and their families to live there. The isles became known as the Enchanted Isles (or the Isles of Magic more commonly). She chose five powerful leaders to rule on each island and renamed each for that ruler. She resided on and ruled the largest island, Kathma.

Vanya never married and it is purported that she was a virgin until her demise. She believed too much powerful energy was released during the act of sex that could be put to her magic workings.

Meara, Daughter of Arael

Meara fell in love with a giant named Dahg. He took her to live with him on the continent of Radbod, where giants lived in the northern part in the land of Fulana. Meara and Dahg had five daughters: Zosia, Tola, Lorna, Giren, and Ngatia.

Zosia, Daughter of Meara of the Line of Arael
The first born. Zosia lived a quiet life - as most giants do - and married another giant, Furlan. They had no children and lived long lives, happily, in their homeland.

Tola, Daughter of Meara of the Line of Arael
Left her homeland to explore the Underworld - a difficult place for giants to exist. Tola was the smallest of the children, more the height of a very tall alien rather than an actual giant.

She met and fell in love with Lewk, a powerful demon and Orjan, an especially evil demon. Upon finding out about one another, Lewk and Orjan killed one another in a duel, but not before leaving Tola pregnant with twins - a child for each demon. Tola gave birth to two sons; giant, formidable demon vampires - Seoul and Vasilis - who were the progenitors of Line of Tola neé Arael.

Lorna, Daughter of Meara of the Line of Arael
Lorna was completely half giant and half vampire. She was about half the height of most giants, but still towered over most creatures. Lorna became ruler of Fulana after overthrowing its corrupted ruler, Lawren, who made life miserable for the giant community. Lorna married a vamplien named Nishan. They had six children: Jsyn, Galina, Gavril, Eamon, Eulalia, and Vanisha, which began the Line of Lorna neé Arael.

The blood of giants was weak in Lorna's children. They were tall; though not as tall as giants, they towered over average-sized creatures. They possessed the powers and intelligence of the vampire and alien races. Their height and phenomenal strength they kept from the giant race. Their stamina and might combined with intelligence, magic powers along with venomous fangs and a definite bloodlust were considered a "new" race by most of the worlds. They were called Aliants.

Giren, Daughter of Meara of the Line of Arael
The tallest of the daughters, Giren became an apprentice for a powerful alien wizard that was traveling through the land one day. Giren became the only giant magic user to ever exist. Giants do not make good magic users as they are not typically intelligent enough nor do they care about such things. Other than her height, there was little to no giant in Giren; who was predominately alien and vampire like her mother.

She spawned no children; devoting her life to her magic. She moved to the Isles of Magic and her cousin, Vanya, appointed her to rule one of the islands. It was renamed for her, Giren.

Ngatia, Daughter of Meara of the Line of Arael
She was the most beautiful of the vampire/giant children. She left her homeland when she was of age. She moved to the Other World and married a wood elf, Leev. They had five children, a strange mix of elf and giant with fangs and pointy ears: Tasyn, Bjarne, Orsa, Elspeth, and Earid.

After his death, she remarried a vampire pixie named Linden. They had six children: Dareh, Marina, Aksel, Oliana, Dorleta, and Megara.

These children and their descendants became the Line of Ngatia neé Arael.