The Line of Evadne neƩ Livana

Posted on June 15, 2007 by J. Shaw

Evadne, Daughter of Fidelis of the Line of Livana

Fell in love with a wicked sprite, Cnut. After impregnating her, he vanished back to the Otherworld. Evadne was heartbroken. She gave birth to triplets; three wicked vampire sprites - Nip, Zinth, and Iyls - that also left their mother early on to live in the Otherworld with their father.

It is said Evadne never spoke again. She went to live in her uncle, Marek's, monastery and lived in her silence the rest of her days.

Nip, Son of Evadne

Was the most wicked of the three, luring humans into many practical jokes and even death. He never married nor produced any offspring.

Zinth, Son of Evadne

Actually tried to return to the Upperworld and make peace with his mother. He was denied entrance at Marek's monastery, and returned to the Otherworld bitter. It is unknown if Evadne ever even knew he had come looking for her – and doubtful that anyone told her.

Zinth married an ugly troll woman, Griselda. They had one child, a daughter, Sulema, who was known for her astounding beautiful; especially coming from such hideous parents.

Iyls, Daughter of Evadne

Inherited the wicked ways of her father, but the beauty of her mother. She was a lovely vampire sprite, who loved to seduce innocent male creatures, have her way with them and then kill them.

Iyls bore one child from her deadly sexual trysts, a daughter, Nalani. The daughter's father was a halflien.