The Line of Tenerus neƩ Livana

Posted on June 20, 2007 by J. Shaw

Tenerus, Son of Fidelis of the Line of Livana

Joined his aunt, Choro, in living with the Bird People. He married a Bird Woman, Ximena.

They had four beautiful children everyone called 'The Dark Angels' because of their vampire teeth, pale skin, dark hair, and beautiful wings: Cesare, Isidore, Feronia, and Dymas.

Cesare, Son of Tenerus

With his sister, Isidore, traveled to the continent of Anatolia – a favorite spot to visit for Bird People. They decided to live in the clouds above Anatolia and built the first Sky City over that particular continent (there were only 4 others in existence at the time). They named the city Anael, for their favorite myth of the Angel of the Air by the same name.

Cesare married a Sky Elf who moved to the new city, Wyna. They had 3 children: Blayn, Aiyanna, and Tora.

Isidore, Daughter of Tenerus

Founded the fifth city in the sky, Anael, with her brother, Cesare. Isidore spent more time in the land below in the Valley of Flora than she did in the beautiful sky city. She spent much time with her aunt, Feronia's, family as her children; Bruns and Asa were close to her age.

Isidore came to fall in love with a male centaur in the village of Drenue named Darie. They were married and had 2 children. Their children were the first breed of Pegasus to ever exist – beautiful horses with wings - Ciceron and Irenaeus.

Feronia, Daughter of Tenerus

Fell in love with a centaur, Aulberich. She went to live with him in the land of centaurs – a small town named Drenue in the Valley of Flora on the continent of Anatolia.

They founded another small community they named Cale, close to Drenue. They had two children, half horse and halfire, Bruns and Asa.

Bruns, Son of Feronia
Continued to run the, now, Town of Cale after his parents demise. Being only one of two vampire centaurs alive, Bruns felt an obligation to further his own breed in his parents' name.

He took two wives, both pureborne centaurs, Gaelyn and Basilissa. He had six children with Gaelyn: Brennon, Zahra, Halian, Kamal, Veronka, and Yarmilla. With Basilissa, he fathered four children: Uriana, Vidar, Kurik, and Trask.

Uriana, Daughter of Bruns of the Line of Livana
Uriana married an elf named Fhain, with whom she had two sons, Micail and Danil.

Asa, Daughter of Feronia
Joined the Sect of Iniquity with her cousins. She became an extremely powerful enchanter, and later was asked to live in the Isles of Magic by her aunt, Vanya. She was given rule over one of the small islands, and it was renamed Asa in her honor.

Asa never married, nor produced any children – dedicating her life to her magic.

Dymas, Son of Tenerus

Joined a band of imps and goblins. He turned to evil ways, and spent half of his life roaming the worlds with this band of ruffians – stealing, killing, and raping.

In the second half of his life, he met a beautiful pureborne Druid Elf, Nissa. He fell madly in love with Nissa but she refused to marry him unless he changed his evil ways. Dymas did, and he and Nissa lived in a huge tree trunk in the woods, worshipping and living at one with Nature and the animals. They had one child, a son named Linc.

Linc, Son of Dymas of the Line of Livana
Fell in love with a female demon, Valerius. She convinced him to leave his beautiful forest home and live with her in the Underworld. She had a child for Linc, a vampire demon, she named Anorra. They soon had another child, a son, Gael.

After their son was born, Valerius killed Linc. She had only married him to have the blood of the Syls in her children, hoping that they would one day take over the Underworld, now jointly ruled by the Syls' Seoul and Vasilis under their cousin, Rothkar.