The Line of Tola neé Arael

Posted on June 15, 2007 by J. Shaw

Tola, Daughter of Meara of the Line of Arael

Left her homeland to explore the Underworld - a difficult place for giants to exist. Tola was the smallest of the children, more the height of a very tall alien rather than an actual giant.

She met and fell in love with Lewk, a powerful demon and Orjan, an especially evil demon. Upon finding out about one another, Lewk and Orjan killed one another in a duel, but not before leaving Tola pregnant with twins - a child for each demon. Tola gave birth to two sons; giant, formidable demon vampires - Seoul and Vasilis - who were the progenitors of Line of Tola neé Arael.

Her sons were invaluable in helping their cousin, Rothkar, The Demon Ruler (son of Aleydis) in the overthrowing of Ciric, ruler of the Under World. As a thank you for their help and undying loyalty, Rothkar let each rule one of the parts of the Underworld. Seoul ruled the Dundren while Vasilis ruled the Nerdnud. They answered only to Rothkar, who became the true ruler of all Under World realms.

Seoul, Son of Lewk, and Vasilis, Son of Orjan, began the Line of Tola neé Arael.

Seoul, Son of Lewk et Tola

Seoul ruled over the Dundren. He took a wicked enchantress sprite, Raith, as his wife. They had three children: Sydel, Ridon, and Seble.

Vasilis, Son of Orjan et Tola

Vasilis ruled over the Nernud. He took a pure vampire wife, Armyna. They had two sons, Tallis and Lalo.