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Tired of the media pushing talentless hacks down your throat? Frustrated with the bevy of "cross-over" stars that have no business holding a mike, authoring a book, or appearing on the screen? Positively disgusted with people that are famous for nothing more than having money, showing up or being related to the right people? Utterly sick of talented musicians and young actors getting no media coverage, while all you hear about are the sucky "stars of the moment"? Then you've come to the right place.

Here we'll be taking down today's "stars" and exposing them for the unskilled, marketing creations that they are. It's time we take a stand and let the media mavens know we're sick of their over-processed and man-made "artists"; that we deserve real and quality entertainment.

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I bash sucky celebs & their fans everyday:

Think most stars today suck? So do we.

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