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Why He Disgusts Me Sux


This one isn't hard. He's a pretentious little jerk who really has no business playing at being Don Juan. For some reason, naive young girls and the brainless young starlets of Hollywood fawn over this uncomely young man and consequently he thinks he's a modern Adonis.

He obviously has no respect for women; he can't even respect the ladies he's chosen to date. He seems to think it's okay to date other women if you're "bored", and there's little wrong with disrespecting someone you've been seeing for over a year.

Aaron Carter is completely unappealing and I cannot begin to fathom why there are young women fighting over him. I have tried and tried to figure out what the appeal is and have come up more confused than ever. That is why this page exists.



Many people are coming here from the "Aaron Carter is a complete and utter DOUCHE BAG" Facebook.

Though I agree with the sentiment, I am not the creator of this group nor is skatoolaki.com, Success Sux, or Aaron Carter: What's the Appeal? associated with it.

Thanks - and keep up the ire, guys!


Aaron's Inexplicable Notoriety Stardom

Paris Can Talk on the Phone To understand the true bafflement of Aaron's appeal, we must first look at how and why he became a "somebody" in the world of celebrity.

Aaron began his stint in the insipid world of bubblegum pop in 2000 with the release of his first album, "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)". He was the heartthrob of girls then-too-young to be into the boy bands such as N'Sync and Backstreet Boys, of which his older brother was a member.

So we have yet another case of someone getting a break because a family member is already in the biz. Aaron's career was based more on his marketability to pre-pubescent girls and the fact that his big brother had already carved a way for his name than on any real talent.

And let's face it, had Aaron any true talent to begin with he would've been in a legit band, playing real instruments and writing his own music. Instead he became another over-produced pop clone that sings songs other people wrote for him and dances to steps someone else choreographed for him. Real talent there.

Due to being another imitation pop tart he has a huge fan base of underage girls who can't spell, and the other untalented Hollywood clones are falling all over him. Apparently since you need zero talent to become famous these days, it also would stand to reason that you don't have to be appealing to be a Lothario. It's all I can come up with considering Aaron's being famous is as baffling as his being appealing.


Aaron's Libertine Lifestyle Playboy Behavior

Paris Thinks Shes Hot

He dated Hilary for around a year and a half, got bored, started seeing Lindsay and then went back to Hilary so that, in the end, he was seeing both of them at the same time.

No, I'm not surmising - I'm taking this information straight from the player himself's mouth.

Don't expect to hear much remorse in the following blurb; Aaron seems quite proud of his womanizing ways.

Aaron gave his take on the torrid triangle he created in an interview on CNBC's "Big Idea!":

"I started dating Hilary on my 13th birthday...I was dating her for like a year-and-a-half and then I just got a little bored so I went and I started getting to know Lindsay, dating Lindsay.

Then I didn't want to do that anymore, so I got back with Hilary. And then I ended up cheating on Hilary with her best friend. That's nothing to smile about. She wasn't even that good looking either.

She (Duff) really got her heart broken from me and I'm sorry for that."

When Lindsay, understandably upset, and Hilary, understandably hurt, came to blows after all was revealed, our little Cassanova threw the blame on Lindsay.

"Lindsay is a troublemaker!" he is quoted as saying. He claims that since he was dating Hilary first, Lindsay is only creating "unnecessary" trouble.

Because it's Lindsay's fault that Hilary is hurt. Not Aaron's for cheating on her - repeatedly and with a number of different women. Right, I get the picture, you chauvinistic little pig.

You finding him appealing yet?


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