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Why She Disgusts Me Sux

Hilary is a prime example of processed teen fluff and a career that never should have continued past adolescence. Her marketing potential will continue to fade her as her puerile fans grow older, and her own aging makes her less sellable to up and coming youths.

Adolescent stars rarely make it to the big time and with good reason. Whatever made them cute or marketable in their youth generally fades with age. Any redeeming qualities they might've had as a person were shot down with fame that came too young and went straight to their impressionable heads. Hilary is no exception. Because someone decided she was cute enough to be considered "talented" as a youth we'll spend years watching her struggle to become a "respectable, adult" actress. Lucky us.

Because these child stars feel they're still worth something and don't have to earn their way once they reach adulthood, Hilary's imbecilic and insipidly polished smile will continue to haunt magazines and television for a painfully long time. As a result, the public will be forced to endure years more of Hilary's sub-standard acting and childishly effervescent personality. Fuck the untalented has-beens, screw Hilary Duff. That is why this page exists.


Hilary's Barely Passable Performing Acting

Hilary Pretending She Has TalentShe's a former child Disney-star who was hired because she was cute and could read her lines, not because she was blessed with natural acting abilities.

Have you seen Hilary act? Trust me, she's no Audrey Hepburn. She's "okay", and that's about it. She may have some ability from experience, but there's little to no natural talent there. I've read that she has to be coached & coaxed through all of her parts.

If it weren't for her child star status she never would've made it past bit parts in low-budget films. Had she started her acting career from scratch as an adult she never would've landed a starring role. Regardless of the little ability she does possess, she does not have lead-role talent.

Which makes it even more irritating when she gets lead parts. Thankfully she's only starred in movies that would appeal to 10 year-olds. I hope she likes working in children's movies, because that's likely as far as she'll ever get.


Hilary's Pubescent Bubblegum Noise Music

Hilary Hurting Our EarsShe started out making Disney-music, and graduated to making over-processed pop crap that someone else wrote and performed for her. I'm supposed to take her "musical abilities" seriously?

Hilary's music sounds like every other pop-clone artist's out there. It isn't original, it isn't even hers. She didn't write it, she didn't create it, she didn't do anything to it except read it into the microphone. There's reason she lip-synchs all of her live performances, and it isn't because she's too busy "performing" (she can't even do that).

Any moron off the street could do what Hilary does. All it takes are juevnile-oriented songwriters, a band that doesn't mind being essentially non-existent, some nitwit to holler into a mike for a few hours, and some expensive electronic equipment to make said nitwit sound as if they're actually talented.

Bam! I give you Hilary Duff. Another barely passable "artist" for the kids that are too young to know any better to drool over.


Hilary's Acting Like Every Other Starlet Her Age Originality

Hilary Letting In FliesIt would be nice to be able to say of Hilary that she's, at least, original; that there is something about her that makes her stand apart from all of the other young crossovers and media created clones that comprise the gamut of young Hollywood today. Sadly, Hilary is just another carbon copy clone who isn't exceptional enough to be unique.


She "sings" and "acts" making her another absurd cross-over artist, spreading what little talent she does have too thin over two vocations. She has a semi-famous sister that she's "helping out" by giving her spots in her limelight.

And, to top it off, she just had to jump on the ridiculous personal-clothes-line bandwagon.

Et tu, Hilary?

How pathetic. When stars launch their own clothing line they lose all respect they may have had as a serious performer and join the world of over-hyped, egocentric celebrity. I'm sure Hilary feels right at home.


Hilary's Growing List of Detractors Falling Star

Hilary Looking ScaryMore than any other artist I've bashed, Hilary has the largest number of hatelistings and anti-sites & communities. She is likely the second most despised pop starlet out there today after Ashlee Simpson. That's saying something.

Hilary has hatelistings, her album has hatelistings, even one of her songs has its own personal hatelisting. How many pop stars, how many musicians period, can say they have a single song that has garnered enough antipathy to have its own hatelisting - with over 650 members? Yes, Hilary Hate is widespread and rampant and it only seems to be growing.

So why do so many people hate Hilary? I think this quote from Hating Hilary: It's So Simple sums it up best:

"You'd have to be Helen Keller to not realize how horrible she is!"
- Brittney Schneck


Hilary's Fading Starpower Marketability

Hilary Is So Grown-upAs Hilary & her fans age, her marketability will continue to drop. She's not interesting or talented enough to garner fans from the young adult or even adult age categories, and her own impending adulthood cuts her off from the age-group that once propelled her to stardom.

The further she fades into obscurity, the more her PR people are going to push her on the public. Like most has-beens and no-longer-gainful stars, she will be that aggravating itch that will never truly go away.

Likely she'll keep popping up in sitcoms that never make it past the pilot and eventually will end up on some crappy reality TV show with a bunch of other former losers just so people will remember who she is.


Hilary's Overprotective Rabble Rousing Mama Mom

Hilary Sucks and So Does Her MomThis bitch likes to start shit.

At the premiere after-party for another Hilary flop, Cheaper By The Dozen, Susan Duff demanded that Lindsay Lohan be made to leave. She even went so far as to have Hilary's huge bodyguard try to forcibly remove the young woman. Execs at the party essentially told Duff and her trouble-making mother to stuff it and asked Lindsay to stay. Furious at being scoffed, Susan and Hilary left the shindig like a bunch of immature high schoolers.

When Hilary's vehicle was egged by unknown assailants, Susan Duff went into a rage blaming Lindsay Lohan - even though it was proven Lohan was out of the country at the time filming a movie. Chill out, woman.

People have said that Susan is "overprotective" of Hilary, but I think that's putting it lightly. She comes off as one of those trashy moms that follows their daughter around and provokes fights with anyone that looks at her precious off-spring cross-eyed.

In the end, it is Hilary who is hurt by Susan's excessive coddling & vulture-mother conniption fits. How much respect can you have for a young woman who lets her mom fight her battles?


Hilary's Dippy Daft Devotees Fans

Hilary Duff aka Miss PiggyYes, they are just kids. Still. If this is the future of the world, I'm glad I'll be long gone when they start to take over.

It has come to my attention that there is a website devoted to "stopping the Hilary Haters". There is even a page just for the "haters", wherein Kayla, the site's owner, asks why we come to her page if we hate it so much (who said we hated it? It's fucking hilarious). She went so far as to add:

...are you just jealous of me and my site and my sites' success? You know you are jealous.

Oh yes, I'm jealous of a site that's received a whopping 300-something hits. My poor site has only ever reached the over 10,000 mark. Damn. Yes, I'm so jealous. I'm still unsure how a crappy website thrown together with a clunky, free web-editor is going to stop other people from making websites expressing their opinions. Kayla is a tad disillusioned. It happens at that age. I'm not going to link it (they wish) even though they've linked me here and have encouraged other mindless boobs and boobettes to come by and try to stop my Hilary "hate" (I don't recall ever saying I hated her, actually). No one's come close to converting me yet, but it has provided lots of fodder for the Jackass Hall of Fame.

The kids who put this together are a hoot. Their numbered list of "what haters are" is highly comical. Did you know that haters like me are "ridiculous", "untalented", "copy cats", "LIARS", "haters", and a "bad person"? This is what they think of people who have a few differing opinions about their favorite pop-tart. If you don't like Hilary Duff and choose to say it outloud, you are all of these things. Who knew?

I wasn't going to add any of their inane "letters to the haters", but this is too good not to share. Please view a portion of the letter the "owner" of the site (aka Kayla) wrote to us "haters":

..."You may have a freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean you can take advantage of it. If they haven't made those amendment, we'll all be working right now. I'm not just going to sit here let people hate. If the Patriots haven't fought against the British, we'll all be ruled by them. Well, us Hilary fans are going against you. Think about it, would you rather be a nice Patriot or an evil British? You can still be a Patriot and hate Hilary. You'll just be keeping your comments and rumors to yourself. THINK ABOUT IT!!!! Maybe you'll change your mind. Do you guys just do stuff or do you think about it first? I think you do it first then think about it later. If you do that when you get older, then you will go to jail like Lindsay Lohan's father...."

I mean, how can I argue with logic such as that? But what do I know, I'm just an "evil British". An evil British....lmfao.

Listen all you hater-haters, I don't hate your precious, plastic starlet. I never said I did. But I do have my opinions on her and that is my right. If you don't like them, don't come here. If what people say against Hilary bothers or hurts you personally, first seek professional help and then stop reading those kinds of things. It's all very simple. I know you are young, but life is not fair and most people in the world are not nice. Not everyone is going to agree with you or like the things you like - it's called life. Toughen up, grow up, and deal with it.

What the geniuses fail to realize is that all they're doing is promoting the websites they claim are "Hilary hater" sites. By linking and bashing them, all they're doing is giving them exposure and fattening up their hit counters. So while the evil British "hater" sites continue to garner more hits and more exposure, the retarded "stop those hate sites" will continue to be no more than a festering boil on the butt of the World Wide Web for everyone to laugh at. Good job, girls.

Do you think Hilary sits at home crying over sites like mine? If she can blow such things off (as all celebrities must), then why can't you? Kids, jeez.


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