Opinions are like you know what
They say everyone is entitled to their opinion. They also say opinions are like assholes, but that's kind of gross and a tad off-topic. What I'm here to say is that everything you read here on skatoolaki.com and the Success Sux! pages is just that. My opinion, not my asshole.

My views are my own and are obviously not shared by anyone affiliated with the sucky stars showcased herein; at least one would hope not. They may or not be the same and/or similar to your own views; if so, okay - if not, oh well.

I have a right to my viewpoints, as mean-spirited and unvarnished as they might be, and a right to share them on my own personal web space. You do not have to agree with them - you don't even have to read them.

If my personal opinions bother you that deeply, however, you also have a right to share your viewpoints - you can email those thoughts to me, or leave your comments/thoughts in any of the Fan Mail Repository's listed on each sucky star's page. You are welcome to bash me and my opinions, but be forewarned that I will knock you back twice as hard; this is my space on the web. If you don't like it, start your own page.

Thank you for visiting.

This page last updated on 5 October, 2006

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