"Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well."
- Vincent van Gogh

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I have many websites, mini-sites, pages, and domains. I've been designing websites since 1997, and - naturally - in the years that have passed have created more than a few personal sites reflecting various thoughts, ideas, or topics I'd like to delve into.

Some of these are sites connected to, and some have their own domain names.

Subsidaries of

Success Sux: Exposing Today's Sucky Stars

This started as a simple make-fun of Ashlee Simpson page after her infamous SNL-snafu. That grew into a few pages on other sucky stars, and the entire group became rather popular after awhile. I decided to lump them all together in a mini-site called "Success Sux!". This later spawned my daily celeb-bitch blog, Star Suck.


My Alt Life on Norrath

I first stepped into the world of Norrath, the fantasy world in the pc game Everquest, in 2001, and have been visiting ever since. This was a site that was started for my original EQ characters, and has grown to include my EQII characters and a huge side project I've been working on for months, the EQII FanFic & Roleplayers Reference Guide.


Memento Mori: Roadside Memorials

The idea was one I had years ago, and was originally intended to be a coffee table book. But with the ease of the Internet and digital cameras, I decided to just make a site. It started off well, but after my failed knee surgeries and limited mobility, I just don't get out to snap pics anymore.


The Syls Empire

In 2002, I began writing about a young female vampire named Nonna, who raged a 100-year war against the humans in an attempt to destroy the opposing race.

I decided to flesh out her family and wrote about her parents - and then their parents. Before I knew it, I was fleshing out an entire family (brothers, sisters, children) that was beginning to span generations!

Soon - and unwittingly - I had created an entire new world, which I dubbed the planet, Antares - the sister of Earth...its story is here.


Bandwidth Bandits

It, thankfully, doesn't happen often, but there have been occasions where I've found ignorant or jerky webmasters direct linking to my images. Also known as "bandwidth stealing", it is sadly a common practice online. Whether through not knowing any better, or just not caring, individuals link up to images you are paying to host. Since every time an image is viewed it eats up your bandwidth, the viewing of these direct-linked images comes out of your pocket. These are my attack-backs at those stealing my bandwidth.

Note: Some images on this site NWS!


Stand-Alone Domains

The Brandon Children

On a 2006 Mother's Day trip to Natchez, MS, we found a small, unmarked cemetery - approximately 150 years old - just off the Natchez Trace. Intrigued by what we found, I spent days researching the information I gleaned from there to learn who the children buried there were and how they met such tragic ends. All of the information I have put together so far is at this site, along with photos of the cemetery.


Trick Tracts: The Truth Behind Those Little Comics

After attacking the fallacies in a few of Jack Chick's "Chick Tracts", I had so much fun that I attacked a few others - and "Trick Tracts" was born. Some interesting info, and a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor, can be found here. I don't update it as much as I used to, but this one gets a steady stream of hits from being listed at Wikipedia in the Jack Chick and Chick Tract pages.


Bleeding Out the Pain: Chronicles of a Self-Injurer

One of my oldest, still-living websites. "Bleeding Out the Pain" was a site I started when I began the road to recovery for my self-injury problem. Though I don't add to it much, it still gets a steady over 100 hits/day and I've been able to meet and help many young women suffering from this illness because of it. Writings from the site are supposed to appear in a college publication in the near future about self-injury. I don't, myself, visit it that often because it's still quite painful for me.



I've been a huge Sims fan since the original game came out in 2000. The Sims 2 was a dream come true for a creative, god-playing freak like me. I love to create families and watch them evolve through generations; I love to have entire households and sub-households with a rich history. I so enjoy creating touching, wild, and wacky storylines for their lives. To showcase my families I created this page; I also did a good bit of research to find the Maxis pre-created families' histories and ancestors. These are pages and information only a true Sims fan can appreciate.


Scorpion Ink Web Design

This is the home of my small, personal web design business. The name is one I came up with - for reasons no longer remembered - back in 1998 when I first designed a site for my father's company. The actual domains were only recently purchased, after realizing the .com one had been snatched up!


The Writings of Shanna Riley

Most everyone online knows me by my chosen, and pen name, of "Shanna Riley". I decided to get the domain before it was taken and am slowly in the process of adding all of my writings to it.


Star Suck

A sort of pop culture gossip/snarky opinion site on today's celebs. I had so much fun creating the Success Sux pages, that I decided to start a daily journal with my celeb bitchings. If there's one thing I can do well, it's make fun of stupid people - so I decided to just have fun with it.


Fan Suck

Sister site to Star Suck, this one is a less updated version of her popular sister that looks at the stupid fans of the sucky celebrities. I actually laugh out loud while creating this site - some fans are a riot.


Faux Paw Guild

An Everquest II guild started by my boyfriend and me; it resides on the Guk server. The name was decided upon after someone came up with "Fippy's Bitches", which, for obvious reasons, we couldn't use. Who isn't a fan of old Fippy Darkpaw? Somehow from that "Faux Paw" was born. It's a small guild made for everyone to have fun and, at the same time, reap the benefits being in a guild gives. As for the site, I honestly threw it together in less than two hours.


This is a project/site that is still in the works, and was inspired by a Missy Elliott song. The site, when it's done, will focus on positive body image and self-love - something very much missing in today's society.



My second life exists in the grid of Second Life; a virtual, user-created metaverse. I am represented in this world by an avatar known as Isadora Graves; "Izzy", as I prefer to be called. This blog details my adventures in Second Life (SL).


Side Projects

I'm always getting into something on the web. These are fanlistings, webrings, and the like that I created or have adopted.

The Love Bites Fanlisting

Adopted in 2005. I'm a huge Def Leppard and "Love Bites" fan, so it was quite an honor to be able to take over the fanlisting.


The John Foxx Fanlisting

Fanlisting created for my friend, radio personality and television showman, John Foxx.


The Isadora Duncan Fanlisting

She is someone I adore and look up to, and there is no other fanlisting for her. No one ever joins it, but I'm still proud to have made it.


The Under 5' Webring

I thought I'd start a webring to join together my other short-statured webmasters. It appears, however, that I am the only person online that is under 5'0" as no one has joined!


Other Domains

I also own the domains (the correct spelling of 'skatoolaki') and Both point here to

For more information on my domain name(s), please visit the About page.


So dear I love him that with him,
All deaths I could endure.
Without him, live no life.
- by William Shakespeare.

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