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FanFic Writer's & Roleplayers Reference Guide

Life as a Norrathian
I've been playing Everquest since December 2001. My brother first introduced me to the game, and I, in turn, initiated my boyfriend's EQ-love; we now play regularly together. We purchased Everquest II the day it went on sale in November 2004, and have been enjoying the in-the-future Norrath ever since.

In the years since I first created this site, I've added a few sundry guides and my fan fiction. I decided to add on my new EQII characters, and then revamped the design of the entire page. I have a lot of characters because I'm a.d.d. and tend to get bored quickly and easily. Nysa, however, in both versions, is my main.

I also created and have added my "FanFic Writer's & Roleplayers Reference Guide" - which has taken me hours of research to put together. Enjoy, and Safe Travels.

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