Everquest II FanFic Writers & Roleplayers Reference Guide

LU19 Changed Everything!


Live Update 19 on Everquest II fixed quite a few wonky things, added great new content and changed the way a lot of things have been done since the beginning. I was a few weeks away from finishing up the design on my months of research-long reference guide when LU19 went through in early February.

As you know, LU19 introduced a whole new slew of NPCs into Norrath, as well as changing the noob Isle of Refuge into two different islands based on faction, Queen's Colony and The Overlord's Outpost. A few well-known NPCs, also, have left Qeynos Harbor by decree of Queen Antonia Bayle.

What this means for my reference guide is that a good chunk of it is now incorrect and/or missing. Since the guide's purpose is to track & record every single NPC in nearly every zone of Norrath, I've got to do some serious updating and polishing before it's ready to see the light of day. So, until all of that is done, this page is all you'll see up for awhile.

I appreciate your patience. When the guide is done, I hope someone finds all of this work useful!


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