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This is the fan listing for the Def Leppard song "Love Bites", as listed at TFL. For joining information and codes, please visit the appropriate links.

The Love Bites Fanlisting was adopted from in May 2005 & is now run by . All existing members will need to update their links.

Complete site re-design took place on 13 Nov 2006; if you see any problems, please let me know.

The new URL is: http://lovebites.skatoolaki.com/

As of February 9, 2004 all members were lost in a server crash; if you were a member before this time and have not done so already, please re-join.

There are 49 members in 11 countries.

Our newest member is Julie Paterson from Scotland

The fanlisting was last updated May 2, 2007

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