"Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well."
- Vincent van Gogh

Love of Self

Love of Laughter

Love of Geekdom

Love of Revenge

Love of the Internet


I have many websites, mini-sites, pages, and domains. I've been designing websites since 1997, and - naturally - in the years that have passed have created more than a few personal sites reflecting various thoughts, ideas or topics I'd like to delve into.

Some of these are sites connected to, and some have their own domain names.

Movies/TV Shows

ATHF Fan Brian Fan Stewie Fan Stewie vs Brian Fan Law and Order SVU Fan Way of the Samurai: Samurai Champloo Fanlisting Sunflower Girl:  Fuu Fanlisting


Everquest Fan World of Warcraft Fan The Sims 2 Fan Neverwinter Nights Fan

Music (Bands/Songs/Albums)

Love Bites Fan Love Bites Fan


Angelina Jolie Fan Kate Winslet Fan


Scarlet Intrigue Protect and Serve Windy Moor: Wuthering Heights Fanlisting

Brilliant Minds

Nikola Tesla Fanlisting Heteroclite: Albert Einstein Fanlisting Renaissance Man: Thomas Jefferson Fanlisting


Vieux Carre: French Quarter Fan

Food & Drink

Pringles Fan It's Always Tea Time: Tea Fanlisting Delicate: Black Tea Fanlisting


Fae Fan


Fame, celebrity - it's not such a big deal in Europe. People seem to understand that you just have a weird job. They're not running after you, trying to carve chunks out of you. It's strange in the states. Most fans here are great, but there's a handful who have seen the movies and feel they know you. They think it's alright to touch you and ask personal questions.
- Johnny Depp.

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