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ebay schmucks

I'm used to be a regular Ebay shopper and my overall experience had been wonderful.

Unfortunately, the misfortune of running into a few of the "ones who ruin it for everyone" curbed my Ebay enthusiasm as I was subsequently bent over a table and raped up the yahoo with no lube; to put it succinctly.

I was less than pleased with being screwed so, and none to happy about my money being stolen, as you can well imagine. I then decidedto create this page to warn others about the bad apples in the Ebay world.

Schmuck #1: nschlegel23

September 2007 Update!!

There is a Flickr user with the name "nmaas22" - a user name utilized by our bad Ebayer. The Flickr account is listed as belong to a "Nicole Wilkinson" - which still could be Nicole Maas, if she married or was using a maiden name. The link is: Nicole Wilkinson on Flickr.

No matter where you go, Nicole, I will make sure the world knows you for the thief you are.

February 2007 UPDATE!!!

A Scorpio never forgets a slight.

I have found our bad, little Ebayer on none other than MySpace! Nicole Maas can be found at She is one in the same as our bad Ebayer, as she lists user names of "nmass22" and the infamous "nschlegel23" on her MySpace profile.

Word to the wise: If you are someone who likes to screw people online, you should not be posting your real name in the public domain.

Whether the she's still making bad transactions and stealing money on Ebay, I've yet to find out. As soon as I do, I'll post it here.

BEWARE! October 2005 UPDATE!!!

USER ID CHANGED! This crazy woman has changed her Ebay ID - for the third time (wonder why?). Be wary - these are all the SAME bad ebayer!

  • luvnus
  • nschlegel23
  • nmaas22

Do NOT do business with luvnus (current ID in use)!

I Got Fucked

------>> On 27 December 2003 I purchased the DVD Bram Stoker's Dracula from the above named individual. (Item # 3374600796). I paid promptly through PayPal on the same day - with shipping the total was $13.94. The echeck cleared on 30 December 2003.

As three weeks came and went (the time I allow before contacting the seller about a no-show), I emailed the individual and told her I had not recieved the item. Her first email was courteous and seemingly helpful.

It was sent awhile back I have a conformation here so let me see what is going on with it. I should get be able to let you know tomorrow. Sorry about the wait.
- Nicole

By 29 January 2004, I had not heard back from her at all and I had still not received the item. Needless to say, I was getting worried. I sent the following email:


I have to admit that I am quite worried - I have not heard back from you yet regarding this item, and it has not escaped my attention that the time to leave feedback on Ebay has now ended. I ordered this item over a month ago, and it has been paid for. I would, at the least, like to know what has happened. If I am not going to receive this item, I want to be re-imbursed. I believe I have been more than understanding, and have given you ample time to contact me. If I do not hear back from you before this coming weekend is over, further action will have to be taken. I am sorry to sound rude, but I have had my money stolen once before on Ebay, and I am not eager to have it happen again. I am sure that you can understand that. I appreciate your understanding.


She responded that day:

My mother sent it and can't find the confirmation. I have been in and out of the hospital so I have not been able to take care of my business. Please let me know if you don't get it soon and I will keep going through things on my end. Sorry about that.

I did not hear back from her for weeks, and any emails sent querying the situation were ignored. Frustrated at the lack of communication and the loss of my money, I sent the following email on 13 February 2004 (almost two months after purchasing the item):


I want to be refunded in full as soon as possible. No matter which way this was sent, a question I cannot get answered, it is impossible that it would take this long to arrive. I understand you have health problems, but I would appreciate a quick reimbursement as the item was not delivered as promised - regardless of the reasons. Please respond quickly, I need my money back so that I can try to purchase this DVD elsewhere.


She did not respond. Considering the amount of time that had passed and the lack of communication on her end, I realized I had been had. I wrote informing her that I would be reporting her for her activities. This was a business transaction and she had failed to live up to her end of the bargain. The following email was sent on 20 February 2004:

I understand you have been in & out of the hospital, and that is why I have tried to be lenient, but this has gone on for too long. I sent you money for a DVD (Bram Stoker's Dracula) in *December*. It is now nearing *March* and I have not recieved the item or my money back. I have sent you an email requesting a reimbursement and have heard nothing from you.

You have one week to respond to this letter, and then I will be forced to file a complaint with the FTC, Consumer Complaints. I will then post a page on my website detailing every moment of this transaction, your emails and mine, and warn people not to do Ebay business with you. I will then have no choice but to leave you negative feedback on Ebay regarding this item. I do not want to do this, but you will not send me my money back and you have *not* lived up to the terms of the deal. I paid you my money for an item - I did not get it and it is your responsibility, as seller, to rectify that.

I'm sure you can appreciate my frustration.


Not surprisingly, she responded almost immediately to that particular email. She sent this on the same day:

And insurance is your responsibility. Once it is mailed out on my part I cannot control what happens. That is why you are advised to get insurance. My responsibility as a seller is to make sure no matter what is happening or going on that is gets sent out. I don't like threats and will notify ebay about that it continues. I am sorry that I don't know what happened to it, I have had it happen to me a few times before when purchasing. And it is to late to refund paypal for it has been over a month. But as for your behavior on the whole matter I find you to be quite childish for you do not see were I am stuck without a produce and now threatening letters x2 from a seller who also had a choice to get something added on by USPS and chose not to but hold me responsible for the mail.

Still trying to be civil and handle this as adults, I sent another email still giving her a chance to rectify her behaviour up until this point. She seemed to be taking the matter personally, even though it was business, and began accusing me of "threatening" her simply because I intended to follow up on a bad transaction by reporting her. In this email I clearly state that I am seeking confirmation that a package was ever even sent, because I am no longer sure if it was. This was my response on 20 February 2004:


I would have no problem tracking this down if I was given any proof whatsoever that you mailed this out. You tell me that you did, but have yet to give me any confirmation or tracking number. I do not understand why you cannot see this from my point of view. I sent you money, it takes you weeks to respond to my emails and I got nothing. The only times I heard back from you was when I told you I was going to take further action (because you left me no choice). Even if I *did* have insurance, I could not be reimbursed because you have given me no numbers (tracking, confirmation, etc) - you still have not even told me *how* this item was supposedly sent - postal mail, UPS, etc. And I have asked. Repeatedly.

I don't like being threatened by someone that has taken my money and doesn't try to work with me on this. I have been fair and understanding and was more than willing to work with you. I understand things happen that are beyond your control; I don't blame you for the package getting lost. But please give me proof that the package was sent - that's all I'm asking. Please respond to my emails in a timely manner - I don't feel that is too much to ask.

I don't suggest you send anything to Ebay suggesting that I threatened you because I most certainly did not. I simply informed you what my next course of action was going to have to be since you did not respond to my last email. It's interesting that you responded this time, however. If you send my email to Ebay I am sure they will see nothing wrong with it. Telling someone that you are going to try and get compensation is hardly a threat.

I have had wonderful transactions with people on Ebay - always positive - but working with you on this was nearly impossible. It was very frustrating to send an email and not get a response or have to wait two weeks for one and *still* not have my questions answered. This is my hard-earned money we're talking about and a Christmas present that was never delivered. Surely you can see how one would be frustrated. If you can't, then something isn't right.

I want a confirmation number, a tracking number - if you would just give me that I wouldn't need a reimbursement. Please allow me the ability to try and track this item down through the mail system - I'm even offering to do it so you won't have to (as I understood you were in the hospital and busy). That's is ALL I've been asking from the start - please let me know how this was sent, please give me some way to track it. When you fail to do so and avoid my emails, what else am I supposed to think but that you *didn't* send it? I have tried so hard to work with you on this, but you wouldn't answer my very simple questions. I don't know what else to do! I don't want to start a war with you, and I don't want to argue with you. That's childish. I just want what I paid for, or some way to track that which I paid for. Surely that is not asking too much.


She then accused me of lying and continued to ignore my obvious questions. She responded the same day:

First of all I told you how it was shipped. USPS! And this was purchased way after Christmas so a Christmas present it was not. I have responded to the best that I can. You didn't pay for anything other then just normal shipping and handling. And as for your letters they most certainly have been threatening and my mother agrees. I tried to refund you but only for price of auction and paypal would not let me for the time laps. I cannot control the mail no more then I can control the weather. I am not a dishonest person. And I don't like being treated like one.

I felt she was being quite immature about this. Rather than just give me the information I asked for, or try to understand that I was frustrated because of the situation, she was "upset" and whining that she didn't like my emails. I responded on 22 February 2004:


And neither do I. You still never gave me a confirmation number - and I asked repeatedly for it. I DO and with ALL HONESTY believe that you shipped the item. But when you kept ignoring my questions, I didn't know what else to do. It was indeed a Christmas present and I don't appreciate being called a liar. I have family that lives far away and we have to get together late, usually sometime in mid to late January for our Christmases. It is very hypocritical of you to say I am making you out to be dishonest and then to outright call me a liar "a Christmas present it was not". How do you know that? Obviously you don't.

All I wanted from you was a tracking number - I know you get such things because your other feedback has always said you had confirmations. I know you get them, but why don't you have one this time? My letters have *not* been threatening - I have been doing the only things I know to do in a situation like this. You never told me that you tried to reimburse me - such information would've been nice to know, don't you think? Perhaps I would've felt less like I was being ignored and screwed had you communicated such to me!

I am a kind person and understanding. I've never had problems on Ebay before this and your slow response time, and not letting me know pertinent information has been extremely agitating. I truly felt you didn't care that I was out my $13.94 with nothing to show for it. Again, your attempt to reimburse me is information that might've changed the entire course of this transaction. Of course, I have no proof that you tried to do that either - there are ways for reimbursing other than Paypal, but if you feel that is your only option, I cannot sway your opinion.

The fact remains that this item is lost in the mail and I still would like to try and track it down. This is normal. Are you trying to tell me (b/c you haven't said anything about it one way or another yet) that you have *NO* information on this package? That it was shipped out with no tracking info? That's been my question from the get-go. I can't understand why you won't answer it. Please, Nicole, why won't you help me track this item down? I'm frustrated beyond belief right now and on top of that, you are accusing me of being a liar and threatening you!! I really don't care what you or your mother think - I'd like to know how either of you would react in this same situation? Your responses took weeks, you wouldn't answer my questions, I never got my item and you refused to reimburse me (in your last email you did). How am I supposed to feel and act, pray tell?

Again, I don't think you're dishonest or that you are intentionally trying to take my money. I believe the package was lost (as I said in my last email) and this transaction has gone sour for a number of reasons. All I want from you - all I've wanted from the beginning - was your cooperation. You have my money, you could, at least, give me the tracking number, don't you think??


She never responded. At this point I was tired of trying to be nice and begging for information that was not being given. I reported her to Ebay and left this negative feedback:

Item never rec., reimbursement refused, refusal to give shipment confirmation

She left this response:


I find it ironic that she put I was "impossible to work with", don't you? I followed-up with the following:

Ignored 3mo. til mentioned reporting her. Refused refund. Got screwed. Reported!

Perhaps the thing that made me the most angry was her giving me negative feedback and marring my perfect feedback record. I felt this was unfair, and unwarranted, since I had lived up to my end of the bargain. As far as Ebay policy goes, I did what I was supposed to do - prompt payment. This only furthers my feelings that she is immature and an unstable Ebayer. She left this feedback for me:


An unfair, and rather hypocritical statement. I responded with:

Still refuses to give proof of shipment, unsure how neg when I paid as promised

Unlike her I did not accuse her of anything or make statements about her conduct. I simply stated the truth, as you are supposed to do when leaving feedback.

It pains me greatly to know that I was the one who had their money taken and did not recieve the promised item, yet I am also the one being slandered. Beware of Ebayer nschlegel23.

She's Done This Before

Check out nschlegel23's Ebay feedback page to see how many other negative responses she's gotten. More than once people have pointed out that she blatantly lied.

Out of 13 buyer feedbacks there are 5 negative or neutral comments. That's almost half. This person is not someone you want to do business with!

Feedback from Others Who Have Problems with Nschlegel23

From user yozhik02:

On January 2, 2004, I purchased the White Oleander DVD from nschlegel23 (Item # 3374194912). I paid on the 4th thru paypal, with the total coming to $7.75. The check cleared shortly there after.

I waited approx. 3 weeks, and proceeded to e-mail her asking her if she had gotten my payment and if she knew when the item would be arriving. It was a really nice e-mail and I explained how much I was looking forward to receiving the item. I waited a week and never got a response. So, I proceeded to e-mail her again, still being polite, but telling her that I was getting worried, and that I really needed her to respond, otherwise I wanted my money back. She finally responded and all she asked for was my zip code so she could check the order. So I gave her my zip code, and she never responded. Then I wrote again, asking what the hold-up was. With that, she responded saying that "her mom had sent out the item and that the confirmation had said received."

After that I told her that I never got the item and that I wanted my money back. She never responded, so I left negative feedback saying, "it's been over a month, and the item has not arrived. no reply to emails either." She responded with, "My mother sent it and I responded to emails. Confirmation said arrived" and also left negative feedback on my account saying, "Confirmation stated received. Ebayer still left negative. Watch out!!!" I felt that this was a little uncalled for since I was very polite in my e-mails. There is no reason that she should say "Watch out" if she didn't feel guilty for some reason! Recently I found out that this has happened to many other people, so I sent a complaint out to ebay. It's too late for me to get my money back from paypal, or to file a fraud alert, but I was hoping to guilt this girl into sending me a refund anyways. So, I emailed her awhile ago:

I would really like to resolve this issue about the DVD that I never received. I realize that it was only $7.00, but I would like to be reimbursed if at all possible. I have noticed that a couple of other people had the exact same problem (i.e. your mother said she sent the item, but they never received it) and I don't know if they tried to resolve any issues. It would make things easier since both of us would quit receiving negative feedback from the other one, and this issue could be put aside. I would definitely put a positive response on your feedback forum if we were able to clear this up, I just hope that you will agree to this. Thank you.


This was never responded to either, and I cant imagine that she will. She obviously has my money, so she has nothing to worry about. Hopefully ebay will realize what's going on and take the appropriate action. I wish I had my original emails from all of this, but I honestly didn’t think that it would ever turn into a problem. Unfortunately I was wrong.


The number one rule of thieves is that nothing is too small to steal.
- Jimmy Breslin.

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