Annikki Darkespell
Dark Elf Enchanter


I am Annikki, of the Darkespell family, heralding from the great city of Neriak. My name means "one involved in work on the dark side". My parents, Rysla and Niham Darkespell, were both powerful Enchanters, as were their parents before them. My family has always been of "The Spurned" - many of our Dark Elf brothers and sisters shun our practices in the white magics. It has always been my belief that enchantment falls somewhere in between light and dark. It certainly can be used for both.

My trade is that of Jewelcraft. I plan to become a profitable jeweler one day selling enchanted jewelry that will be very beneficial to the wearer. When I have mastered my trade, I will list jewelry that I have for sale here. I hunt primarily in the Nektulos forest - but I wish to see more of the world than this. Many wonderful adventurers travel through these forests - and I dream of seeing the things they've seen, and wandering the world as they have. It is well known that traveling is not the easiest for our race - but as long as I am well-versed in my vocation as Enchanter, I'll scant let that hinder me.


Name: Annikki Darkespell
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Enchanter
Worships: Agnostic
Skills: Jewelcraft (31)
Guild: N/A
Server: Druzzil Ro

Roleplay Info

Mother: Rysla Darkespell
Father: Niham Darkespell
Siblings: Sirli'in Darkespell
Birthday: Stargazing 20
Sign: Pisces
Born: Neriak
Raised: Neriak


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