Menyawne Antares
High Elf Cleric


Greetings, friends. It is much trust I put in you, sharing my story. As a babe I was orphaned at the Cleric guild in the city of Felwithe. The Clerics there raised me, and I was trained in the healing arts. It is with great pride that I travel Norrath now, healing the wounded and tending to the sick. It was in my 12th year that my life took a drastic turn from the peaceful existence among the Clerics of Felwithe. High Priestess Celywiel took me aside and told me the story of my life before I was found on the steps of the temple. After I had been there just shy of a year, a young woman calling herself my mother came to Celywiel. Belionia Elrulas she was - of the famed Elrulas clan. My family was a great and powerful clan of High Elves that lived deep in the Lesser Faydark. Belionia told the High Priestess that she had fallen in love with, and secretly married, a Wood Elf named Iluryir Loniver. When her family learned of the joining, she and my father ran off. They lived deep in the forest until I was born, and fearing for my life, left me with the Clerics of Felwithe...whom my mother trusted.

My mother begged that Celywiel keep my secret as my very life depended on it. Being the eldest child of the only living heir to the Elrulas clan, I was destined to someday rule it. The Elrulas would have me dead before allowing a child of mixed blood to be their matriarch. Celywiel also knew that I would be shunned by my High Elf brethren if known to be part Wood Elf.

Celywiel told me that but a few days before my 12th birthday, members of the Elrulas family had come looking for me. Realizing I could not stay at the guild and endanger my brothers and sisters, I took off on my own.

I have learned much more of my family, and the events that followed after my birth. The Elrulas found my parents, and killed my father as my mother helplessly watched on. My mother took her own life not long after. I have heard rumors that long ago the Elrulas mated with Dark Elves, and their cold hearts give proof to this thought, in my eyes.

I travel the world of Norrath alone now, and have found the Elrulas are always but a few steps behind me. Someday, when I am a powerful High Priestess myself, I plan to travel with a small army and take over the throne that is rightly mine, and to avenge the deaths of my parents. Until that time I travel as a Rogue might, often dying my hair and wearing it differently to hide my appearance. It is hard to trust others, but I find there are many kind and helpful souls in the world.


Name: Menyawne Antares
Race: High Elf
Class: Cleric
Worships: Tunare
Skills: N/A
Guild: N/A
Server: Druzzil Ro

Roleplay Info

Mother: Belionia Elrulas
Father: Iluryir Loniver
Siblings: None
Birthday: ?
Sign: ?
Born: Lesser Faydark
Raised: Felwithe

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