Coming up with an impromptu fantasy name for a game or story can be quite a headache. I write a lot of fantasy stories these days, so to make life easier I began a large database of fantasy names to pull from when needed. Naming characters is very important to me - so it helps to have a large list of fantasy names to browse through rather than pull my hair out trying to come up with one in any given moment.

For this reason I keep a fat, manila folder full of pages and pages of names - I'm always adding to this folder so my personal names database is constantly growing. Most of the names are my own creations, and some have been found in various sources.

If you happen to use any of my names, please send me an email and let me know which and what for. I hope my fantasy name database helps you out.

Random Name Generator

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Not-So Random Name Generator

Maybe you have something a little more definite in mind, and the random generator is a little too...random? No worries; I also have the another database here that is alphabetized for easy navigation. Names are in no order and come from a variety of sources; most I made up myself.

Use the alphabet key below to bring up a list of names for the corresponding letter. Clicking the letter will make the names appear in a new window.

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