Illia Broodwich - Human Conjuror


Growing up, Illia knew her parents' life as merchants was not for her. She questioned endlessly the many adventurers that stopped by her parents small shop. When she wasn't helping them with the store, she spent hours at a time at the Three Towers in South Qeynos. It was there that Elspeth Astley first took young Illia under her wing and began teaching her the art of conjuring.

She knew she had made it when she was finally able to conjure her first pet, a Tellurian recruit from the Plane of Earth that she named Nekhbet. As she advanced and became an adventurer in her own right, she left her parents' home in North Qeynos and rented a small inn room in the outlying village of Nettleville Hovel - closer to the adventuring society of Qeynos. She met up, and began adventuring with, a young half elf named Sylvanus. Her new, stronger pet, a Tellurian follower, she named Neith.

Now, Illia is a full Conjuror and adventurer in her own right. She has recently come into her 20th season and is now conjuring a pet from the Plane of Fire - a lovely fire spirit she calls Wyldefyre.


Illia Broodwich


Name: Illia Broodwich
Race: Human
Class: Conjuror
Artisan: N/A
Guild: Faux Paw
Server: Guk

Roleplay Info

Mother: Lisassa Broodwich
Father: Jolam Broodwich
Siblings: None
Birthday: Deepice 7
Sign: Capricorn
Born: North Qeynos
Lives: Nettleville Hovel,
The Qeynos Exchange

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