Irin Harmony
Wood Elf Bard


If you're looking for a sad story, you won't find one here! Merry Meet - my name is Irin Harmony, but please just call me Irin.

Harmony was the name bestowed on my family by my grandfather, Pendil. He was a great bard in his time who traveled all of Norrath on many exciting adventures. My grandfather would lull me to sleep at night, singing songs of the wonderful things he'd seen and done. I follow the profession in his honor, and when I have earned it, will take his name again.

My mother, Gadrielindë, decided a domestic life was what suited her best - rather than the adventuring her father had pursued. She settled here in Kelethin and married my father, Rind Leafwalker, a smith by trade.

My mother says I came out of the womb singing! Indeed, I sang long before I talked. My grandfather taught me songs when I was old enough. For my tenth birthday, father made me my own lute! Grandfather Pendil taught me to play it. When I was older we purchased a drum, and I learned to play that, too. Until I find better instruments on my own great adventures - I will use the ones I learned on as a child.

I've met a wonderful High Elf from Felwithe that I'm just smitten with. His name is Lumdyan. He, too, wants to travel and see the world. We spend much of our time adventuring in the Faydark together - honing our skills so that we can travel Norrath someday!

If you're ever in the area, visit the lovely tree city of Kelethin, and see if I'm around - I'd love to play a song for you.


Name: Irin Harmony
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Bard
Worships: Agnostic
Skills: N/A
Guild: Rutabaga Paradox
Server: Druzzil Ro

Roleplay Info

Mother: Gadrielindë Harmony Leafwalker
Father: Rind Leafwalker
Siblings: None
Birthday: ?
Sign: ?
Born: Kelethin
Raised: Kelethin

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