Amunae Irronchef
Human Warrior-Chef


It is the rule in my family that once you have reached the age to learn your own profession, you no longer use the family name. As with everyone in Norrath, once you have reached a certain level in your profession, you are allowed to choose a name to your own liking. I was raised Amunae Bakewater, along with my sister, Alerys, and older brother, Brigham. All of us have long since abandoned the family name, and taken up professions of their own – my brother and sister are both Monks, but it was the life of a Warrior that called to me. We were raised in the city of Freeport, our mother, Ela, a well-known Baker and our father, Forohn, worked in the sewers of the Freeport Tunnels and spent most of his life trying to purify the drinking water for the citizens of Freeport. It was from their combined professions that our last name was created. We lived near our grandfather, Iley, a merchant. I was the youngest, and remember little of Brigham living at home. He left when I was young, yet we are closer now that we are older and live in the same city. Our sister, Alerys, lives in Qeynos – but there has been talk of her moving to Freeport to be closer to the family. Brigham is the only one strong enough to make the trek to go and visit her.

We were a happy family, but I always had a yearning to adventure and see the world – perhaps even moreso than my siblings. My parents were not surprised when I took up the sword. I may be a fierce warrior – but I am also a skilled Baker, thanks to my mother. Old habits die hard. I learned Brewing from my father – who knows a good bit about the spirits! You won’t meet many Chef Warriors!

Although I have just begun my journeys, I am excited to see what the world of Norrath has to offer me. Perhaps I will see you along the way – please don’t be afraid to offer up a hello. I may just offer you a tasty fish fillet or meat pie, and help you smite some monsters in the interim!


Name: Amunae Irronchef
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Worships: Agnostic
Skills: Baking (120)
Brewing (76)
Guild: Nightfall of Norrath
Server: Druzzil Ro


Roleplay Info

Mother: Ela Bakewater
Father: Forohn Bakewater
Siblings: Brigham Bakewater
Alerys Bakewater
Birthday: ?
Sign: ?
Born: Freeport
Raised: Freeport

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