Nysa Brytewynde
Half Elf Ranger


I was born in the bustling port city of Qeynos. My father, Arnas BryteWynde, was a retired Ranger. My mother, Motya, was the daughter of a fisherman and never learned a trade. She spent her life raising my older brother, Erian, and myself. When Erian was of age, he left the family to live in Surefall Glade, where my father was born and raised, and had learned his craft. Two years later, my parents were murdered by brigands that had smuggled in to the city by ship. Erian took me to live with him in Surefall Glade.

It is a beautiful place - I have found much peace here. I spent most of my days wandering the caves with the bears, and swimming in the pristine waters within while Erian trained. I loved the bears. Erian took me out to the Qeynos Hills so that I could also become friends with wolves. They have always spoke to my heart. Around the time I had decided to become a Ranger myself and began training, Erian left the safety of Surefall Glade on his epic quest. He gave me the bow I now use the day he left. It was the last time I ever saw my brother.

Whether Erian is alive, or killed, I do not know. Though we have sent out scouts, no word has ever come back. I finished my training as a Ranger quickly and came to love my profession. When I become strong enough I will adventure out into the world on my own epic quest - and hope to find my brother and bring him back with me, also.


Name: Nysa Brytewynde
Race: Half Elf
Class: Ranger
Worships: Karana
Skills: Fletching (123)
Guild: Rutabaga Paradox
Server: Druzzil Ro

Roleplay Info

Mother: Motya Brytewynde (Half Elf)
Father: Arnas Brytewynde (Half Elf)
Siblings: Erian Brytewynde
Birthday: Firstchill 13
Sign: Scorpio
Born: Qeynos
Raised: Surefall Glade


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