Trick Tracts Views: Hypocrite Christers

I believe the people that push their religion in others' faces go against the actual teachings and example of Jesus. This makes them hypocrites of their own faith.

I mean, do you honestly believe that Jesus was going around preaching the religion of the Old Testament? Do you mean to tell me, as an educated and wise individual with half a lick of sense, you can firmly sit there and tell me he was spreading the word of the god of the Old Testament? Not a single thing that Jesus said, did, or preached in any way, shape, or form resembled anything out of the Bible at that time! The religion of the Old Testament and the "Christianity" of the New Testament are two completely different religions. One has nothing to do with the other. God changed, the ideals changed, the message changed.

Jesus was no more than the savior of a dying religion. Jesus' message was intended for everyone, not necessarily "Christians". Jesus' message was that everyone was a god, everyone could perform the miracles he did, all were one – and we should "do unto others as we would have them do unto us". Jesus' message was meant for all. I am positive it was never his intention for it to be a religious sect all its own that shuns non-participants. Jesus believed all were equal and none were better than another – the rich man and the poor man were equal, the man and the woman were equal.

Jesus was a prophet with a message – and a valid one. He went around and did his thing, not necessarily giving homage to one "god" or another. His "Father" was the "Father of us all". We choose to call it God. I believe Jesus meant that this "Father of us all" encompassed all people, all gods, all beliefs. He did not say that believing in another god would turn this Father away from you. That is a preaching of the Old Testament, mixed in erroneously with Jesus' teachings. If you take out the Old Testament "hellfire and damnation" principles – then it is plain to see that the teachings of Jesus had little to nothing to do with that particular belief system.

Jesus-freaks of today have it almost right. They take it to an unnecessary extreme, to be sure, but their message isn't all wrong. True, horrors and natural catastrophes have been wrought upon our present World, but this is not because our "sins" have caused us to lose the "protection of God and Heaven". If "sinner" is the word you choose to describe the vast majority of our current population, so be it. It is true that we have deviated from a good and ethically sound way of life. It is not that we have "turned away from God", however. It is simply because we, as a society, are being raised to be selfish, money and power-hungry, and have no respect nor empathy for our fellow man – or the planet that sustains us. In this age of negativity it is only natural that we are bringing negative forces against ourselves. We are responsible for all that happens to us. It is not our "finding God" that will save us. It is finding ourselves and taking responsibility for our actions, the actions of the world – and striving to make a change for the better. It is only when we realize that every thing we do affects the whole that we will begin to be "saved". We have not turned away from God – we have turned away from ourselves. And are we not all gods and goddesses? Is it not our combined light and love that is All That Is; or "God"? The Jesus-Freaks are right that we need to make a "change", it is only their direction of that change that is misguided. They only add to the negativity by pointing fingers, condemning and cursing.

"Forgive them, for they know not what they do." Jesus cried these words out as he lay dying at the hands of the people he had preached to. It is a similar cry we make now – we martyrs of the truth. We who understand that to stop the evil – we must stop the hate. We must join together, love one another – love our planet. By blaming other groups, people, organizations for the current state of our world, you are only adding to the problem. We must all take responsibility for the circumstances we find ourselves in. And we must join together to change them.

It's not the sinners, the homosexuals, or the New Agers fault we're going to "hell in a handbasket". It is the fault of each and every one of us. Those who point fingers, those who condemn, and those who ignore it all – and everyone in between. It is all of us. It is our problem and only "we" can fix it. Together.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001
1:04:55 PM

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