Trick Tracts Review: "Sin City"

Synopsis: Gays are going to hell, blah, blah, blah.

In this silly, little comic a gay pride parade is going on. One man stands in front of the parade to stop it with a sign that reads "Homosexuality is an Abomination! – See Lev. 20:13".

All of those "evil" gays start yelling horrible things at the man and the cops seem to get very angry. One, whom I'm still not sure is a real cop or a member of the Village People, claims, "You devil! Nobody stops my parade!". Another "cop", whom is dressed differently, yells "That's a hate crime!" and a man in the background shouts, "Kill him!".

I don't know of many gay men that would actually shout out to "kill" someone protesting a gay parade, but we'll let that slip as we've already ascertained that Chicksters are ignorant of any lifestyle that isn't their own. They know, as I've said many times before, as much about homosexuals as they do about Buddhists, Witches, Hindus, Masons, so on and so forth.

So, the cops and the parade goers beat the living sh*% out of this guy – honestly next time you see him he's in a hospital bed with his head completely swathed in bandages. The man, Malcolm, is charged with a "hate crime" but is told the charges will be dropped if he "stops" his hateful way of thinking and listens to the good preacher, Reverend Ray (who walks in practically singing, "I'm Reverend Ray and I'm gay – and Jesus loves me!" That's not a joke – he really says that).

I'm not sure what court this Malcolm got brought into or what law system is being applied, but it's not like any I've heard of here in America. So, Malcolm's wife calls good ‘ole Bob (you know Bob…he's saved so many people in these comics, he should be the Chick Mascot). The scene goes back to Rev. Ray trying to preach that "gay is good" to Malcolm – while we see an evil demon floating behind Ray (also revealing the tell-tale homosexual insignia on the back of the Reverend's robe – an inverted triangle!!).

Bob tells Rev. Ray about the story of Sodom – which was filled with "wicked" people. It never necessarily said "gay" people, just sexually perverted ones (and what exactly is a sexual "perversion" is an opinion). Bob points out, of all the things God hated, the only sin he ever wiped out an entire city for was homosexuality! (Let's forget for a moment that he, also, wiped out the entire *world* at one time) Again, I'm not sure the Sodomites were gay – but Chicksters seem to have interpreted the Bible this way. And we know NO ONE can interpret the Bible correctly except for them.

To make a boring story short – Bob gets there in time to stop Rev. Ray from filling Malcolm's wounded head with "evil lies", and he even saves Rev. Ray! What did you expect, he's Bob, for Chrissakes! Rev. Ray begins to blubber about "enticing" young people to a gay lifestyle, and speaking out at gay rallies and parades and even preaching that Jesus was gay! (Why he did this, I have no idea – it doesn't exactly fit). How Rev. Ray "enticed" young people into "being" gay I'm still trying to fathom – and how anything Bob said made Rev. Ray all of a sudden accept Jesus and deny his homosexuality is nothing short of a miracle, too. Apparently, as Bob spoke – Rev. Ray was never attracted to another man for the rest of his life, was no longer interested in whomever he might've currently been dating, and, even better, now had a great desire for women! It IS a miracle! No, it's really just ignorant. And a tad aggravating. So to accept Jesus you must deny yourself. Get with it, kids. You have no identity – you must walk around spouting Christ stuff, doing Christ stuff, and thinking Christ thoughts. You are now officially a herd of sheep. Baa

For those of you wanting to check out this comic, I suggest you do. You'll probably get as much of laugh out of the "costumes" the gay men are wearing in Sodom as I did - drag queens with mustaches and lipstick - looking very much like people from the gay bar in the Police Academy movies. Also, apparently, every one in the present-day town is gay - including the mayor, the commissioner, the media, and the cops (notice the big diamond earring the cop is sporting on page 7).

"Sin City" leaves you with this charming, little message: ..."If you choose Jesus Christ, all of your sins will be forgiven and you will receive God's FREE gift of eternal life. If you do nothing, you'll remain a condemned child of Satan…and one heartbeat from hell."

That ends this bedtime story, kiddies. Sleep tight – and sweet dreams.

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