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In the Chick Tract Sin City [tract][review], an entire town of gay people having a gay parade beat the crud out of a "good Christian" then convene in his hospital room to fill his wounded head with the joys of being gay. The over-the-top stereotyping Chick does in this tract to paint homosexuals in a "bad" light is too laughable to be taken seriously. But what to the claims that homosexuals choose to be the way they are and, therefore, lose out on God's love?

I've been around gay people all of my life, including my best friend of 20+ years. I myself am bisexual so I speak with a bit of knowledge and a definite passion on the subject. For all the people that cry "God is Love" to turn right around and say He "hates gays" is the height of hypocrisy. Someone or something that is pure Love does not hate. A favorite of conservative Christians like Jack Chick is to promulgate the idea that homosexuals "choose" to be gay. I find this interesting considering that these same individuals would never claim that they "choose" to be heterosexual. If it is so simple to "choose" to be gay, then I offer this challenge - try it. Try to imagine yourself in lust or in love for someone of the same sex. Can't do it? The reason is because you are straight; the same way a homosexual person would not want to imagine themselves being intimate with someone of the opposite sex - because they are gay. In other words, you are born that way.

Why would anyone wake up one day and choose to lead the life of a minority that has to put up with so much hate and prejudice against them - often from even their own families? Oh yes, I think I'm going to choose to be shunned by my family, kicked out of my church and stereotyped everywhere I go for the rest of my life. Sure - yeah - that makes sense.

The thing is, nothing the conservative Christians say about gay people makes any sense. The idea that they shouldn't be allowed to marry proves they don't believe gay people are capable of falling in love like them, that they are somehow "different". Is it the ignorance of this perceived difference that causes the bigotry, hate and injustices; people are afraid of something that is different or something they don't understand. It doesn't mean that gay people are evil or destined for hell's eternal fires. It only means that the people who are so fervent in living up to their God's ideals should take a step back and learn a lesson from Him about "Love" and acceptance.

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A term created by 19th cent. theorists to describe a sexual and emotional interest in members of one's own sex. Today a person is often said to have a homosexual or a heterosexual orientation, a description intended to defuse some of the long-standing sentiment among many Westerners that homosexuality is immoral or pathological. Homosexual practices are not afforded any special moral or psychological significance in many other cultures. A survey of 190 societies around the world (1951) reported that homosexual practices were considered acceptable behavior in approximately 70% of them.

The description of homosexuality as an orientation also suggests, as some contemporary theorists have argued, that the boundaries between "homosexual" and "heterosexual" are not necessarily rigid. Some studies have indicated that most individuals have some erotic interest in both sexes, whether overt or not. The open expression of interest in both sexes is known as bisexuality. Transsexuals are distinguished from homosexuals by the feeling that they are really members of the opposite sex. Male and female homosexuals are now commonly known as gays and lesbians, respectively.

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Conservative and liberal Christians interpret the Bible in very different ways. This leads to two distinct and contradictory sets of beliefs within Christianity on just about every conceivable topic. Homosexuality is no more.

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The word homosexual translates literally as "of the same sex," being a hybrid of the Greek prefix homo- meaning "same" and the Latin root sex- meaning "sex."

The first known appearance of the term homosexual in print is found in an anonymously published 1869 German pamphlet written by the Hungarian Karl-Maria more.

Important questions and answers about sexual orientation & homosexuality Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality:

Can Therapy Change Sexual Orientation?

No. Even though most homosexuals live successful, happy lives, some homosexual or bisexual people may seek to change their sexual orientation through therapy, sometimes pressured by the influence of family members or religious groups to try and do so. The reality is that homosexuality is not an illness. It does not require treatment and is not more.

A word from a Catholic woman with a gay son at Accepting Homosexuality:

Gay people do live on the same planet with the rest of us, and before these people are gay adults, they are gay kids. Instead of pretending that they don't exist, let's give them some mainstream guidelines just like we give all of our other children. God created all of us equal in His eyes. We need to live under the same rules and regulations if we are supposed to be chaste before marriage. And isn't that what God teaches, and all parents, and all of society really want to happen? more.

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"If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work. 'Hello, can't work today. Still queer.'"
-Robin Tyler

"Wherever it has been established that it is shameful to be involved with sexual relationships with men, that is due to evil on the part of the rulers, and to cowardice on the part of the governed."
- Plato... read more.

Well researched website by a proud Gay Christian from Whosoever: An Online Magazine for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Christians:

It is my sincere hope that GLBT Christians and our critics alike will approach this material with open hearts and minds. Not everyone will come away convinced, but I've discovered it takes time to unlearn all the misinterpretations of scripture we've been taught through the years. I invite you to sit with this information, pray and meditate on it, and let God speak to your heart. I hope that when your journey is complete you'll see God's word with new eyes and realize GLBT Christians are welcomed in Jesus' one word, "Whosoever." more.

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