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In the Chick Tract Bewitched [tract][review], Jack Chick claims that fortune-tellers use devils to "pretend" to be a person's deceased loved one and that mediums in general are evil, trying only to bring the unknowing into the hands of Satan. So, are seers evil?

It is known, though perhaps not widely accepted, that there are some people born with a "gift" for prophecy. There are as many seers as there are people to refute each and every one of their visions. But is fortune-telling or having "the gift" evil or the work of Satan? Hardly. The most accepted medium, after only maybe Nostradamus, was the "Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce. Cayce, who never made a profit from his visions, did more than reveal the future; he is responsible for helping hundreds of people with previously untreatable illnesses. I don't see any way that this can be misconstrued as evil, considering even Jesus healed those when and where he could.

Whether seers and fortune-tellers can truly see the future is for you to decide. My years of research into the subject say there is definitely something to "the gift". However, regardless of whether you believe in the validity of mediums or not there is no case for calling them "evil". I've never seen anything done or spoken by seers that would back up this claim.

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