The Truth Behind Those Little Comics...

You know what they are.

Everyone, at one time or another, has seen lying around or been handed one of those little comics known as "Chick Tracts". In these, you are urged to give up everything and give yourself over to Christ. This is all fine and dandy, but the messages are filled with falsehoods and misconceptions - leading people to believe things about many races and religions that are not even true!

On this page I attempt to point out the ridiculous, clarify the fallacies, and poke a little fun at these people who seem to think they are the only vaild religous scholars in the world - because, apparently, only they have interpreted the Bible correctly. And if you don't listen to them you're going to hell. Isn't that nice?

To the right you'll see my reviews of various tract comics, a few essays on the beliefs of these "Chicksters", as I call them and my views on the "Pamphlet Peddlers", the people who hand these out on the street and leave them in public places. You will also find information pages on the things the Chicksters attacked with misinformation. Their shock-tactics to scare people into believing as they do are being debunked here.

If this site irks you, or you are one of the aforementioned Chicksters or Pamphlet Peddlers, or perhaps you want to go and read some of these comics I've talked about for yourself, you will find your way there through here.

Enjoy - and let me know what your thoughts.

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