Trick Tracts Review: "The True Path"

Synopsis: Native Americans are evil too, but they're too ignorant to know it.

I don't have much to say on this one because it was so stupid. It was drawn without many words; I'm assuming for "true" Native Americans that can't read. Though I wondered how they were supposed to read the "God's Love Gift Inside" signs posted throughout the last part of the comic.

It was so "simplistic" that it was insulting – though it really has no rhyme or reason. It shows the creation story with Adam and Eve, the apple, the whole spiel – this then goes to a group of Indians standing and walking through what looks like God Wonderland.

I don't know why they are there, or what they're supposed to be doing. There's a message in here, but it's unclear exactly what that is other than a good Indian family seems to accept Christ and a "bad" Indian (who is consequently walking through each scene drinking what I assume is booze) balks at everything and leaves.

Like I said, this one isn't worth the paper it's printed on in this author's opinion – and it's pretty insulting to Indians. First it assumes they can't read or understand English, then it proceeds to tell them their beliefs and religion are wrong and they need to convert or burn – and the entire thing is pieced together as if for children.

It appears the Chick authors are as ignorant about Indians as they are about Witches, Masons, and everything else they like to put down and portray as evil.

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