Trick Tracts Review: "Flight 144"

Synopsis: An elderly missionary couple whom have spent 50 years in Africa helping people in need die in a plane crash on the way to America to raise money for a new hospital. Surprise – the plane crashes, everyone dies, and the couple gets sent to HELL!

It's almost funny. A young ex-con is seated next to the couple on the doomed flight and tells them he was saved in jail and converted his cellmate. He pleads with the couple to give themselves to Jesus and tells them that their "good works" are as nothing.

They insist they lived by the "Golden Rule" and were good people who lived good lives and would make it into heaven. The young man tells them they will not – it is only through accepting Christ that they can make it. In the end, the convict is correct; the plane crashes, he goes to heaven and the good couple go to hell.

So, apparently if you utter the words "I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior" you are cleansed of all sins, born again, and are now assured a place in heaven.

However, if you simply live by Jesus' teachings that isn't good enough. Apparently, what he taught isn't important – just believing in him and obsessively worshipping him the rest of your life are what appeases him.

God simply doesn't care if you're a "good person", he doesn't care if you "help others", obey the 10 Commandments, live by Jesus' word, give up your life for missionary work. None of this is acceptable. All he wants is for you to bow down and worship him – always and no one else. If not, you'll burn in hell forever.

You know, the more I learn about the Chickster's God, the more I liken him to their Satan.

But maybe that's just me.

Read the actual Chick Tract: Flight 144

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