guilty as charged

antiduff16 part i

Found & Reported: April 2005

I found Ms. antiduff16 after my stats program showed I'd gotten 26 hits from her page. I figured she might be another anti-celebrity person linking to my Success Sux! pages; not too unusual.

However, I was dismayed to see she had not only direct-linked my Lindsay-Lohan-and-her-boobs slideshow pics, but that she'd tried to paste the coding directly into her page - throwing off the layout of her page enough to make it look like a bad roller-coaster ride. What a genius.

I got to work and within 30 minutes all of the images on What's Up With All the Breast Implants? page had been transformed.

A glance through the rest of her "site" shows numerous "Hosted by Tripod" images; apparently direct-linking is all this wanna-be web designer knows how to do. She finally direct-linked the wrong person, I'm afraid; this ain't Tripod.

Antiduff16 can be reached at; other addresses and are now defunct. She also has a page on Quizilla with a bundle of immature quizzes wherein she shows a creepy predilection for creating innovative ways to kill off celebrities she dislikes; she gets quite creative with them too, such as the quiz "Which celebrity I Want Dead Will You Kill????".

Other inspired quizzes by our witless brat are "Are You a Nazi????????" and "Are you a girl from my church named Courtney????".

Antiduff16/punkrockgirl88 is also fond of Green Day, skating, the color black, and question marks. Though she claims to make "straight A's", she apparently can't spell to save her soul - nor has much of an understanding of capitalization and punctuation.

She is also the author of this brainfart, wherein she reminds us that "No matter what people say ALIENS ARE REAL AND THEY ARE FRIENDS!". Uh...yeah.

On the THE ULTIMATE SCI FI SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, she also claims her Hilary site (taken down because I reported her) is "critically acclaimed". It's amazing; she's a legend in her own mind. Kids.

Antiduff16, in case you were wondering, is actually a 16 year-old sophomore named Sarah. Sarah, along with all of her ridiculous pseudonyms, has now been branded on the web as a bandwidth stealer; too bad for you, sweetheart.

Someone needs to let this kid know that bandwidth stealing is not tolerated. Over 100 hits to my domain came from this little thief and that is not, and will never be, acceptable.

Take a gander down below to see my booby-full Lindsay Lohan pictures magically transformed into gross incriminating images: