guilty as charged


Found & Reported: July 2005

I'm getting sick of these retarded kids on Myspace stealing my shit. Really. Fucking.Tired.

Last time, the Myspace people were helpful and friendly when I reported one of their idiot users direct-linking. Now, they're mum. I reported Caroline-Twit two days ago and have heard nothing - not even a "we got your email and are looking into it" response. Some serious ass-kicking is about to ensue.

The most irritating thing about the no-talent, dumbass Myspace users is that they get lots of hits, regardless of whether or not they're popular or even remotely interesting. People thumbing through profiles hit their page. Caroline-Twit has generated over 100 hits in two days and the amount of bandwidth she's robbing from me continues to grow; much as my anger.

And Caroline-Twit is impressive in that, not only did she direct-link all of my Paris pictures from my Paris page, she also copied the entire damn page - design and everything! It's here, though hopefully not for long.

I try to give them the benefit of the doubt; think, okay, maybe they didn't realize you can't cut and paste someone else's source code into your own stupid profile/blog/site. But then they knew enough to change all of the <img> tags, didn't they? Quite.

And for the official branding of caroline.t on the Web, she's a 16 year-old Sagittarius from Tokyo who obviously has the sense god gave a goose. She also claims to be "bi", but single, and is originally from the States. caroline.t reminds you to "smile!!!" as you're stealing writing, design and/or images from someone else's site.


Myspace has still not responded to my request, nor made caroline-twit remove my images and my words (let's face it, my entire freakin' page is what she copied). It was time to take action. Have a gander at what is now on the twit's page (see below).

Another Update

Either the nasty pics I posted did the trick, or Myspace actually took action against caroline-twit's ecessive copyright infringements. Her entire profile is no more - another one bites the dust.

Take a gander down below to see see my Paris Hilton Sux page photos switcherooed to add nasty images to a kid's lame page: