guilty as charged


Found & Reported: July 2005

After weeks of forgetting its existence, I clicked on over to my server's stat counter to see what was going on in the world of people-finding-me. Lo and behold I saw over 700 hits from something called Nexopia. Wtf?

Apparently Nexopia is some sort of meet-n-greet/friends-network site, but my stats counter was only showing the hit from a generic profile URL; every time I clicked on it a random profile loaded. So who was the culprit?

A look into my logs showed me exactly what I needed to know - some nitwit kid had direct linked three of my link-back-to-me-sux-icons. This girl had more icons/graphics/random-shit-from-other-people's-pages than she had info about herself. I guess she isn't that interesting. No, really, check out her lame page.

She isn't. She's a 15 year-old "open-minded bisexual" who lives with her 'rents in Saskatoon, Canada. She who calls herself Catherine Alexandra Carleton was was born in May of 1990. She's also a very naughty, and very prolific, bandwidth thief.

I've contacted the Administration at Nexopia about her and am hoping for swift action. Likely they'll make her remove them; hopefully they'll nix her account. Yes, I'm a bitch, but I don't like paying for some untalented little shit to plaster my work all over her "member's page" because she's too uncreative to create her own damn webpage and use her own fucking images. So there.

Hello, genius. These images were created to be used on your own server (if you know what that is) to link back to my Sux site; not for you to share with the world your distate for the stars in question on your crappy, immature member's page.

One of these days you might actually learn how to make your own website with your own images, and I doubt seriously that you'll appreciate dipshits like yourself direct linking back to you and eating up your bandwidth; especially if you pay for it like I do!

The thing that irked me the most about this one was the large amount of hits generated from idiot-girl's page. Close to 800 by time I got her reported, and growing, I'm sure, while I wait for Nexopia to reprimand her.


As I was writing this, I saw the images had been removed from her page (note she finally took the one-hundred-thousand images of crap off) ; I was hoping for a ban but at least the sucking of my bandwidth is done). She was using the highest percentage of my total allowable bandwidth to date. Nice.

Take a gander down below to see my stolen link-back Sux icons permanently altered to ruin some idiot's page:


Ashlee Simpson Sux! Britney Spears Sux! Lindsay Lohan Sux!



Ashlee Simpson Sux! Ashlee Simpson Sux! Ashlee Simpson Sux!