guilty as charged


Found & Reported: September 2005

yvonne,CHRISTINA (as she lists her name on her profile page) has the most boring online journal in the world. There are little to no words, and most of it is simply filled with direct-linked pictures of Hilary Duff. Can we say "obsessed" and stupid?

I mean look at this atrocious shit daring to call itself a "site"!

Why anyone would want to scroll through loads of pictures of Hilary Duff doing nothing is beyond me; no text, no thoughtful prose or blurbs - just picture after picture of that talentless, little moron. It takes a few minutes just to scroll through the entire page because it's so long - she didn't even downsize the pictures. Oh wait, she couldn't, because they aren't hers and aren't on her own server. Doh!

Someone should tell "yvonne,CHRISTINA" that most people (okay, all people) who direct link to me get their pages, journals, sorry-excuses-for-design removed from their places of hosting. Gone, vamoose, without so much as a chance for them to save all of their crappy work.

This one was no exception. Life is so unfair.

Take a gander down below to see my Ashlee Simpson Sux graphic replaced by a Direct Linkers Sux graphic on a page not decent enough to even be called a webpage:


Ashlee Simpson and Direct Linkers SUX


Fuck U