guilty as charged


Found & Reported: July 2005

Sarah has a generic, free site on Freewebs displaying her loathing for Hilary Duff. I wouldn't care except that she not only used my Hilary Duff title image and some of my Hilary Duff pictures - but she, also, direct-linked them. Freewebs has a zero-tolerance policy for such foolishness. Sorry kids, three strikes, you're out.

I would have tried to contact her first, and ask her nicely, but firmly, to remove my work and direct links to my site but she left no contact information on her page. I didn't even bother taking the time to make nasty images for her crap site, but contacted Freewebs immediately instead.

Hopefully Freewebs will respond as promptly as they said they would and Sarah's cheesy (and horribly designed) site will be a thing of the past.


Sarah's site is down - frozen and locked by Freewebs for Copyright and Hotlinking violations; not to mention a Defamation violation - Freewebs does not tolerate or allow "hater" sites.

Too bad for Sarah. Very good for me. Thanks, Freewebs!

Freewebs took care of this so quickly, I didn't even have time - or a need to - create switcheroo pics.