guilty as charged


Found & Reported: July 2005

So what do people who have no life and no skill in designing do when they want their presence to further contaminate the web? They sign up for some ridiculous friends-network thing and completely overload their single, little page with enough graphics, images, and music to make you go ape-shit just looking at it. I mean, it's possibly the worst eyesore that could ever exist.

This is what I found when I saw some jackass from MySpace direct-linking to me. This uber-genius didn't have me direct-linked on her lame-ass page (it's bad, shield your eyes as much as possible - I've warned you), but rather had direct linked one of my title graphics in a message she'd left on some other yahoo's page. Thanks, bitch.

After a little changeroo, that was all fixed up.

What a stupid bitch. You know it takes a special kind of person to massacre a single page with a vomiting of various images, movies and assinine videos. What kind of a person would do such a thing?

Let me introduce you to Dipshit #4, Danielle. Danny lives in Morena, CA and is 21 years of age. She's straight, currently single (duh), and a Christian with her Sun in the sign of Cancer. She likes to drink and smoke, but is only in high school. She hopes to have children someday; if she can ever stop smoking and drinking with her buddies Jimmy and Jessica.

Danielle, the Internet Outlaw, has been reported to MySpace and we'll see what becomes of her and her idiotic page.


While nothing was done to the direct linker herself, the image was removed from the place the bitch had linked it. Thanks MySpace, and a big 'eff you to Danielle.

Take a gander down below to see my "Lindsay Lohan Sux" page title graphic reconfigured to rain on someone's loser parade:


Linday Lohan Sux! - You Heard It Here FIRST



Ashlee Simpson Sux!