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What You Will Find Here

This is an information page for Faux Paw guildies - providing things such as useful links for guildies as well as the history of our guild - as well as a listing of its members.

Information for Guild Members

For in-depth information we're too lazy to record here, you can view the guild's summary page on EQ2Players.

The guild's EQ2Players page can be found here, along with the guild forums.

Guild members who aren't currently in the game, but would like to chat with guildmates on Norrath can use our guild chat.

The web address for our website is fauxpaw.net.

History of Faux Paw

Faux Paw was the creation of Freeport-defector, Ghia Firepint, and the rebel wood elf, Najo Hanuman. They ruled the guild for half of the first year, when they signed over leadership duties to Nysa Nightwind and Cenalorn Rayneblade.

Ghia and Najo remain active members in the guild, but are now - without the hassles of running a full-time guild - able to spend more time working in the background; something they are both more comfortable with.

Ghia, the guild site's webmaster, is constantly at work on her Fixmajigitweaver MX that helps her maintain the site in a more timely, and professional, manner.

Najo, the writ-aholic, after retreating for a time to Elddar Forest for meditations with the masters on ways to be even more effective at churning out writ quests, has returned to slay the denizens of Norrath in the name of Faux Paw.

Nysa and Cenalorn are responsible for all other guild-related activities and be reached at nysa AT fauxpaw and cenalorn AT fauxpaw respectively, or visit them at their individual homes:

Nysa Nightwind
3 Tranquil Way
South Qeynos

Cenalorn Rayneblade
Irontoes East
North Qeynos

Fauw Paw Members

These are the totally cool members, including officers, of the guild, Faux Paw, on the Guk server. You can also view the EQ2Players guild roster, which is likely more up-to-date with levels and specific member-info than the one on this page.


Nysa Nightwind
Ayr'dal Ranger

Nysa's Alts:

  • Geilie Ostarawyn
    Koada'dal Paladin

  • Ghia Firepint
    Gnome Wizard

  • Illia Broodwich
    Human Conjuror

  • Jeyne Riverwind
    Halfling Templar

  • Melisandra
    Feir'dal Conjuror

  • Nyanna
    Fae Dirge

  • Thelesis D'Mornae
    Teir'dal Coercer

  • Xinna N'Vyn
    Teir'dal Brigand

Cenalorn Rayneblade
Human Beserker

Cenalorn's Alts:

  • Almaren Gareth
    Koada'dal Guardian

  • Najo Hanuman
    Feir'dal Monk

  • Raysh
    Feir'dal Swashbuckler

  • Sylvanus
    Ayr'dal Ranger

  • Tyrx V'Rreuil
    Teir'dal Shadow Knight

  • Tzak Taliesin
    Teir'dal Dirge

  • Umey
    Dwarf Paladin

Senior Officers

Kerran Templar


Ocef Irondirk
Dwarf Swashbuckler

Umbreo Nightshade
Erudite Shadow Knight

Faux Paw Guild is located on the Guk server.
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