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As a former Freeportian, the Gnome Wizard, Ghia Firepint, always felt alone.

Because of this, she had always wanted to start a guild of her own. She longed for the type of camaraderie she'd never been able to attain as a Freeport citizen.

So not long after moving to Qeynos, Ghia and her new boyfriend, the Wood Elf Najo Hanuman, decided to start a guild. They decided on the name of "Brewday Bastions", to celebrate their most favorite day of the week.

After running into an old friend who said he'd helped them sign their guild charter, Ghia and Najo were able to recruit two other helpful Qeynosians to begin their guild with.

Unfortunately, Royal Accountant Fowler would not allow the name they had chosen, after much back and forth, everyone had decided they liked "Fippy's Bitches". I mean, who doesn't like Fippy!?

Naturally, the Royal Accountant wouldn't let that slide, either, so - for the love of Fippy - the group decided on "Faux Paw".

And a new Qeynos guild was born.

Announcements & News:

| 01.03.06 |

Note Ghia uses her mad Gnome-tinkering skills to create the guild's website

Note fauxpaw.net goes live!

| 01.04.06 |

Note F.A.Q. added to Charter page

Note Gamestuff page, with tidbits, tutorials, and other helpful info for gameplay added

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Faux Paw Guild is located on the Guk server.
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