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I could write a few things about what Faux Paw is, but I think the best way to describe this guild is to tell you what it isn't.

We're not an "uber" guild; we're not out for fame, fortune and glory (though the fortune part would be nice). There are no requirements on your time, or your contributions to the guild. We're not hardcore, full-time gamers and we're anything but serious.

The real reason any of us play this - or any other - game is to have fun. That's what Faux Paw is about; having fun. The guild was created to reap the benefits being in a guild offers, and to find a few nutcases to join in and group up with to achieve that goal - all while having fun.


There aren't many, and the ones we do have are pretty simple to follow:

  • Have a good time.
  • Be courteous - to guildies and non-guildies alike.
  • Have a good time.


Frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q: How do I join?

A: Find a Leader or Senior Officer in game and tell them you'd like to. You may also email one of the Leaders outside of the game using the contact info on our Members page.


Q: Do I have to be a certain level, class, alignment and/or race?

A: Absolutely not. There are no restrictions on joining - you can be any race, class, level or alignment. This way there is more likely to be someone on that you can play with who has a similar status or level.


Q: Do I need to attend raids or particpate in heritage quests?

A: Not if you don't want to. This a laid-back guild full of people who game for fun, when they have time. Real life, unfortunately, gets in the way of gaming which makes it illogical to require everyone to attend. If such an event is announced you can attend if you'd like, but you certainly don't have to.

Also, if you'd like to particpate, but the set date/time doesn't work for you, contact a Leader or Senior Officer - we may be able to change something up to accommodate you.


Q: Can I join my alts to the guild?

A: Certainly! The more the merrier. In fact, Guild Leader Ghia is a shameful alt-oholic, so it's only fair.

You may want to indicate that your character is an alt on the in-game guild window's notes, but you don't have to.


Q: Is there a guild bank? What are its rules?

A: Guild Bank 1 has been designated as the "Grab-Bag" guild bank. Any items you think others could use, or simply don't want, throw in here. Likewise, anyone needing an item or coin can search for it in here.

Anyone who is a Member on up can access the Grab-Bag Bank to add or take items from this it. Those who are not yet full-fledged Members cannot access the bank.

There is a limit on how much you can take out each day (depending on your guild position). If you run into this limit, wait 24 hours before attempting to withdraw items or coin again.


Q: Can I contribute articles to the guild to help guildies out?

A: If you have the time, and inclination, you certainly may. Send these to Guild Leader Ghia Fyrepint.

For now they will be showcased on the guild's Station page. If we get enough of them, however, we'll create a special page for them here on this website.


Q: I need help! How can I post ask other guildies to help me with quests?

A: If you need help with an item, a quest, etc., post your request in the guild's Station forum, under "Help Me!".


Faux Paw Guild is located on the Guk server.
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