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January Events

01.all.06 - Fippy's Monthly Finds Scavenger Hunt
This is a month-long scavenger hunt for those that would like to play.

On January 31, all those who particpated will meet with Ghia and Najo in Fishs Alehouse and Inn in Qeynos Harbor to tally the items. The player with the most items wins 5 gold.

All quality items will be dice-rolled for by all particpating members at that time. All standard, or common, items will be put in Guild Bank 1 for those that would like them.

Item List
You may obtain these items in any way - loot, purchase, harvest, craft, trade, etc.

  • An empty vial
  • 3 globes of water
  • 1 vial of dryad blood
  • 10 bat ears
  • 1 Fuzzlecutter's Formula 500
  • 1 abrasive sandpaper
  • 5 basils
  • 3 snakeroots
  • 3 reptile meats
  • 12 low quality badger pelts
  • 6 low quality rat pelts
  • 5 elephant meat
  • 12 copper
  • 10 maple woods
  • 1 pepper
  • 12 orangea
  • 3 vials of gnoll blood
  • 7 sunfish
  • 1 iron arrow
  • 8 low quality snake skins
  • 15 insect shells
  • A zombie necrotic skin
  • 2 dried meats
  • 13 spider legs
  • 4 Coldwind Flounders

February Events

02.19.06 - Rare Items Scavenger Hunt
All those wishing to participate in the scavenger hunt, need to meet in Irontoes East in North Qeynos at 4pm CST.

At that time, players will be given a list of the required items. Players then have 24 hours to find the rare items listed. All will reconvene at Irontoes East at 6pm the next day - the player with the most items found wins 5 gold pieces.

All items found will then be dice-rolled for by all players that participated.

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