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I've been playing, and enjoying, World of Warcraft since the Spring of 2005. I've also managed to get my boyfriend, sister, and mother hooked. Here is my small space dedicated to one of my favorite MMPORPGs.

The Ongoing EQII vs. WoW Battle
Many people have strong likes and dislikes between the two - and few enough seem to be fans of both - but I find both games enjoyable and like them for different reasons.

I have seen, in playing both, UI and play features I truly thought useful in WoW being adopted, in newer updates, to Everquest II. People can say that World of Warcraft is "too easy" and, therefore "boring", but the gameplay features are, without a doubt, top notch for this genre. Blizzard obviously took painstaking efforts to improve, and not repeat, the mistakes of the big names in the MMPORG gaming arena. I applaud the effort. WoW is fun, easy, and efficient to play.

As for the "cartoonish" graphics, I happen to like them. While I'm a huge fan of Everquest II's amazing graphics and Norrath's real-life feel, I also enjoy escaping to the colorful and beautifully fantastical world of Azeroth. As for music, maybe only Neverwinter Nights can come close to the beautiful scores found in World of Warcraft; it's the only game where I have the music all the way up and on continous loop.

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